Eight Tools to Check Your Writing Mistakes

Eight Tools to Check Your Writing Mistakes


“Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools speak because they have to say something.” –Plato



Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Even good writers need help. These tools will help you improve your writing. Sometimes the suggestions will not make your writing better, though. Therefore you do need to understand the English language and grammar enough to decide if the suggestion makes sense.


  1. Grammarly:

This is a great plagiarism checker and grammar checker. You do need to have a basic understanding of grammar yourself to use the tool, but it gives suggestions that might make your writing better. You can use this both online and as a plugin for your Word application. Click here to vi


  1. Copyscape:

This tool simply checks for plagiarism. It’s great if you want a one-feature helper that’s fast and easy to use. You can cut and paste each article into Copyscape to ensure your content is 100 percent unique. Click here for more informa


  1. Hemingway App:

This online tool is free to use and will help you write bolder, clearer and simpler prose. You can use the desktop version or paste in your text in the online version. It tells if your sentences are too hard to read, if you use passive voice, and more. I really like this program. My passive voice is fast disappearing! Click here for the


  1. Wordcounter:

Keyword density is a fact of life. Google will punish you if you overuse a word in your text. If you fear that you overuse certain words, this word counter will list the words you use and count them. That way you can make sure that you’re not overusing any particular word. This will help you stay below that two percent keyword density that you seek.Here’s the


  1. Grammar Girl:

This feature on QuickandDirtyTips.com is an amazing way to double-check whether or not you’re getting a confusing concept right. Just do a quick search and she’ll explain the concept to you in a way that you understand and don’t forget. She really has good advice. Here is her li


  1. OneLook:

Use this online dictionary search tool to look in several dictionaries all at once. You will be positive that you know the right meaning for the word you choose to use with this online search platform. Do you want to know more? Click 


  1. Slick Write:

This tool checks grammar, stylistic mistakes and more. If you want to know if you’re being redundant or using the same word too many times, it works great. Many of us have particular words that we like to use; this helps give new suggestions. I suggest that you click 


  1. PolishMyWriting:

This online mistake checking tool will help you make your writing better by making suggestions that might work better. Again, you really do need to know what you’re doing to use this. Start polishing now by clicking here.


These writing checking tools are more than just a spell checker. They help you write strong, clear text that will communicate to your audience effectively. Whether you use MS Word, Pages, or something else entirely, all of these tools can be helpful. Some are free and some have an upgrade. None are expensive. Try one new one at a time so you can learn it enough to get the most out of it.

Start writing now and use these tools to control your fear of writing.

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How to be Found on LinkedIn

How to be Found on LinkedIn

“You can’t expect to just write something and have visitors come to you—That’s too passive.”—Anita Campbell


The entire point of using social media is so that your target audience finds you. Simply creating a profile isn’t enough to help your audience locate you. Here are six tips that you can use to make it more likely to be discovered.


  1. Create a customized URL:


On your profile page, you have an opportunity to create a customized URL with keywords to attract search engines. Here are some suggestions on where to place the URL:


  • Use it in your email signature line
  • Use it on your website(s)
  • Use it on your Tweets
  • Use it on your Facebook posts
  • Use it on your Google+ posts
  • Use it on your YouTube posts



  1. Customize your Website Links:


You can list three website links on your profile page. Customize these links with keywords to attract people to your profile.


  1. Create Keyword Rich Headlines:


Under your name, beside your picture on LinkedIn, is a place for you to create a headline. Use keywords that describe what you do, Separate the keywords and keyword phrases with the pipe “|” in order to differentiate your skills.


  1. Use Keywords in your Summary:


Under your photograph, name and headline is an area that is called the Summary. You have three seconds to attract your reader’s attention. Use keywords in your introduction sentence to make your profile stand out from the crowd.


  1. Use Keywords in your Experience:


In the area where you input your work experience, it’s important to use keywords there too. Keywords will describe the expertise that you have and help people find you on LinkedIn.


  1. Turn off Privacy Features:


This is key if you want to be found on LinkedIn, or any social media for that matter. Check your privacy settings to ensure that all privacy features are turned off so that anyone can locate you. I am amazed at the number of people complaining about not generating leads and failing to check the privacy option.


Being found on LinkedIn is a great way to improve your career, expand your business, and promote your products and services. I can help you with this challenge with my “Hall LinkedIn Profile Makeover” service. I create killer profiles that “Stand Out in a Crowd.” I can also help you gain more leads with effective social media marketing strategies. But first, you need a good profile.

Connect with me on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/william-t-hall-lion-1134b523

I accept all connection requests. Here are some more ways to contact me today:

Bill Hall

LinkedIn Profile Makeover Consultant

LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert


Email: whall40@gmail.com

Telephone: (US Eastern Time Zone) 352-443-6734

Skype: William.hall55

Schedule a ten minute appointment: calendly.com/whall40/

Website: www.HomeBizForRetirees.com/

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How to Develop Strong Content

Developing strong content is an important part of digital marketing. Your online content strategy is an imperative if you want to be successful.

The first thing to do is determine what your goal is for any one piece of content. It might be to get more leads, to move prospects through your funnel, or something else entirely.

* Use Different Forms – Content is not just written. Content is images, video, headings, and everything you put online. Content drives all activity online including marketing, engaging, and encouraging your audience.

* Use Compelling Imagery – The images you use throughout your marketing efforts are important. You want them to represent your brand and help send the right messages to your audience. Also, you should be careful about where you get images to ensure that no copyright infringement takes place.

* Outsource to Experts – If you’re not sure what to do and you’re not making much leeway with the content you’ve created thus far, seek out the help of professionals. There are experts who can develop your entire content strategy and even find people to create it, while you just manage it and approve it.

* Turn to the Calendar – Look online for a calendar that lists all the crazy types of holidays and special days that exist the world over. Create content for silly days like National Pickle Day or serious days like Human Trafficking Awareness Day. If you can find a way to incorporate your goals into the content, you’ll get traction.

* Match Content to Your Promotions – One reason you need to determine in advance what products or services you’re going to promote, is so that you can match your content to it. For example, if in the second quarter you know that you’re going to finish and start promoting your new course, you need to be developing content that seeds your audience well in advance of promotion.

* Don’t Forget the Trends – While most of your content should be planned well in advance to ensure that it has time to do its job, don’t forget trending information. Every day there is a chance that something completely changes, and that should be acknowledged by including trends in your content creation.

* Don’t Forget Your CTA – All your content needs a call to action of some kind. Your CTA depends on what action you want your audience to take. It might be buying now; it might be share; it might be sign up. Whatever it is, you must always include a call to action with your content.

* Tell Your Brand Story – Throughout the content you create, find ways to include and expand on your brand story. Adding bits and pieces of your story to your content makes it more personal and helps to explain your why. And more important in the minds of your audience, why you to them.

* Promote Your Content – Often the one missing piece to a winning content strategy is failing to promote the content that you create. You should promote across your social media networks, ask others to share, and encourage commenting. Also, don’t share once and then stop; share each piece of content proudly multiple times.

* Keep Going – It’s also important to keep going. Keep publishing excellent and strong content with your audience. If the content you’re creating isn’t time sensitive and offers a lot of good information, keep sharing it and promoting it.

Strong content development is something all who wish to be successful with digital marketing should be involved in. You can’t just throw up any type of content and expect to meet your goals. You need to know your goals, and then choose the type of content that will help you meet them.

Saving Money Versus Supplementing Your Income

Saving Money Versus Supplementing Your Income


“A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore!” –Yogi Berra



Retired seniors are discovering that it’s very difficult to save money on a fixed income. Prices on everything keep rising while the income stays the same. Unless you’re independently wealthy upon retirement, you may find yourself cutting coupons and even cutting back on medical prescriptions to save money for essentials such as rent and utilities.


There is Hope


You don’t have to live the rest of your life saving money to make ends meet. With the advent of the Internet, many opportunities are now available that have never been open to you before.


Me? Make Money On the Internet?


Starting your own Internet business can be fun and rewarding – not only from a monetary standpoint, but also mentally stimulating as well. Even if you don’t know a great deal about computers, there’s plenty of help (including school classes, books and online tutorials and sites) to boost you along.



Why Work for Someone When You can Work for Yourself?


If you’re looking for some type of job to keep you active and help supplement your retirement income, you need to look no farther than starting an online business. You can set your own hours and go as far with the business as you desire.



It is Better to Earn More to Make Ends Meet


With the rising cost of living, it seems that no one is able to save enough to let them completely retire. That means you’re going to have to rethink your plans for retirement. Rather than trying to save enough, you need to start thinking about working after retirement to supplement the retirement income.


It is Never Too Late to Plan Your Business


If you’re still working, you can begin your Internet business as a part time venture and build it up so that when you do retire, your income from the business can be just the boost you need to keep you from having to look for a job outside the home.


Second career seniors and Baby Boomers are considering this option. Here is a book for late bloomers who make a career change late in life. The topics apply to people like us who are retired and want to continue to make a difference and make money doing it. This is the second edition and the Kindle edition is on sale with a $5 discount off the list price. Click here for more information. (Prices subject to change without notice.)



Do I Need Investment Capital?


One of the great things about starting an online business is that it takes very little

out-of-pocket money to begin. You just need a computer, know how to use it and you can begin immediately.

Here is an Amazon Best Seller on “How to Start an Online Business From Scratch.” You really can start a business with very little upfront start up costs. Anyone on a retirement budget can start now. Click here for the book and begin your research.



Take Control of Your Life Today!


It’s disappointing to reach your senior years and have to pinch pennies to make ends meet. You don’t have to let that happen to you if you have the desire and time to research and begin a business of your own based on Internet skills you either already know or can learn.


Here is a recent book published in February 2017 that is free right now on Amazon Kindle store! It covers how to start an online business and the various strategies you should know when considering starting your online income stream. Click here for the free book. (Prices are subject to change without notice)



Begin now exploring various ways you can supplement your income after retirement. Make sure you look into options on the Internet, such as Internet marketing, book publishing and more. You can make the business as successful as you desire and still have time to spoil the grandchildren and take some trips you’ve always dreamed of.


Want to begin your research now? Here is a book available on Amazon that will help you get started. Click here for more information.


Watch this website, www.HomeBizForRetirees.com/ for more information and reports on starting your own home-based business.


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