How Internet Radio can Help You Understand Home Based Businesses

Australia Supports Home-Based-Businesses with Radio, Website, and more!

Home-Based-Business in the News: Internet Radio Dedicated to Home-Based Businesses Available Now



The Australian Home Based Business Network, was launched in February 2016, by two local businessmen, Tony Eades and Jim Taggart. The network has over 500 members and attracted the support of leading advertisers like Westpac, TAFE, and Zurich Insurance.


The Internet radio station is unique in its support of home-based businesses and broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is free to the public and can be accessed by clicking this link:


The station features pleasant music with an hourly news bulletin by Air News. This news service is also unique in that it uses a home-based studio, quality sound cards and microphones. It links the various presenters around Australia into the system.


The studio for the morning news is at the home studio of Station Director Artie Stevens in Aspendale. The afternoon broadcast is from the north suburb of Melbourne. The news is focused on trends that impact home based businesses.


There are features on developing a business, family support, tax implications, and marketing tips. Also, the radio features interviews with successful home-based business operators. The HBB Network’s website also has features and an extensive knowledge base for this audience.


Here are three snapshots of the article:



Here is the link to the entire article.


There you have it. Australia has really reached out to home based business owners with support in the HBB Network, the internet radio station and the website.

Do you know of any other Home Based Business networks in your area? Do you know of a dedicated radio service for Home Based Business owners? Drop me a line and let me know.

We need to get our nation and local area to support us in our quest for financial support in our retirement.

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News Alert:  Home-Based Businesses Receives Valuable Development Support From Local Community

News Alert: Home-Based Businesses Receives Valuable Development Support From Local Community

 Town economic development department helping home-based Businesses.

Get Your town support by showing them this article.


People who run a home-based business tend to be single and operating it alone. These “Solopreneurs” have unique challenges to succeed in the marketplace. One big challenge is they are operating in isolation and may not be interacting with the community.

Each home-based business owner must wear many hats during their workday. Finding the time to do everything is a challenge in itself. Being an expert in every phase of developing a business is almost overwhelming.


The Hamden Department of Economic And Community Development decided to support this crucial sector of the town’s economy. The home-based solopreneur is now recognized as an industry sector. What does this mean? It means the town will devote resources to support this sector.


They found 25 home-based businesses ranging from landscapers, financial services, web designers and Counselors and invited them to a meeting. Initial topics included a review of necessary permits, assessing personal property for tax purposes, and tips on marketing and advertising.


The meeting room was packed with enthusiastic business owners. The attendees described the opportunity to meet solopreneurs in a networking environment. New topics were developed for future meetings.

woman working from home

Members said their challenges are different from small businesses and it was nice to gain information tailored to help them. They felt that the town appreciated them and welcomed the support. People interviewed felt the meeting was “great for networking and provided a social outlet for people facing similar challenges.”


Here is a snapshot of the article:

Screenshot 2016-05-05 15.29.01


To read the full article, click here.


There you have it. If you were wondering if having a home-based business is a passing fad or a pipe dream, think again. The Hamden community development people now recognize that solopreneurs like us deserve support and recognition.

speak out for home-based-businesses

Three cheers for Hamden! We need other communities to recognize and support our efforts to run home-based businesses.

Do you know of other communities supporting people like us? Send me an email and I will report it here on this blog.




Five Summer Businesses You Can Start From Home

Five Summer Businesses You Can Start From Home

Home Businesses in the News, an article review service from Home Biz for Retirees

Dateline: Manila Bulletin reports on five summer jobs students in the Philippines can use to earn money while on their summer break from school. The ideas shared in this report could serve to trigger inspiration for starting a home-based business after retirement.

Baking Treats 

The article reports several ideas that could be used by retirees seeking to supplement their income. They include baking treats such as cupcakes and selling them to customers in your location. Neighbors, businesses and office parks are all areas that will buy treats to eat during their coffee breaks.

Online Business

Selling products on-line is a favorite business start-up as reported here on the Home Biz for Retirees blog. Click here for a book review on “Making Money from Home.”

Lemonade Stand

The article also covers starting a business in a park or popular shopping area selling “iced juice.” I know my nieces and nephews worked during the summer working for Orange Julius and this could be a good franchise to investigate. Smoothies are popular now with all age groups. Don’t forget to check with your local government what you need to do to be in compliance with State and Local laws.

Here is a snapshot of the article:

Screenshot 2016-04-20 12.56.56

Click here to read the full article.

There you have it. An article from the Philippines encouraging young people to start a business to earn money during the summer is certainly worth reading. The ideas suggested could develop into a full time business for them. Maybe you will get some ideas to develop your own home-based business.

That’s not news, but it is reality.




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