Internet Marketing Helps Seniors Socialize on a Global Scale

Internet Marketing Helps Seniors Socialize on a Global Scale


“LinkedIn is for people you know. Facebook is for the people you used to know. Twitter is for people you want to know.” –Seth Godin



The Internet has opened the world to seniors who might be limited in their ability to move around and get things done. Being alone is the number one complaint among stay-at-home seniors and depression can set in unless some level of socialization is available.



How the Internet Helps Seniors Achieve a Better Quality of Life

Seniors who use the Internet to socialize and expand their horizons all agree that those who don’t use the ‘net are at a serious disadvantage. The Internet offers a world of information such as seminars, webinars, chat rooms, blogs to express your opinion and so much more.


Expand Your Social Circles and Stay Mentally Active

It’s a shame if seniors don’t or won’t take advantage of this relatively new way of socialization. Socializing with others, either on the ‘net or in person can open a whole new world to seniors who might otherwise be alone for long periods of time.



Socialization in Retirement Communities Like The Villages, FL Slows Memory Decline

The science of socialization reports evidence that those seniors in the United States who lead an active social life will experience a slower decline in memory. Online socializing with others can promote feelings of well-being and satisfaction that never happens with those seniors who don’t know how to use a computer or the Internet.


Reach Out and Touch Someone

Social media sites help seniors keep in touch with family and friends. The ability to Skype or use apps such as Facetime can bring seniors even closer and help them feel more connected and involved.



Home-Based Business is Possible with Social Media

Internet jobs and business building are available to seniors who want to utilize their lifetime skills after retirement. It’s a great and sure way to supplement an income that might not be enough to make ends meet.

Technology has changed our lives – mostly for the better. Seniors are a group that can benefit greatly from the opportunities offered with computers and the Internet. The skills they learn offer a sense of purpose and hope for the future as well as helping financially to meet daily needs and desires.

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Never Stop Learning, Ever!

It’s imperative that seniors know what is available through the Internet. Learning Internet marketing can open a global scale of commerce and socialization that was never possible before.


And the socialization aspect of learning how to navigate the Internet is a fun and important way to keep in touch with others, learn new cultures and keep the mind active and alert.


Home Biz for Retirees Wants to Help Seniors Succeed on the ‘Net

Consultants exist on the Internet to help seniors learn the skills they need to engage in social media and to build an online business that will help supplement their retirement income and boost their confidence and mental acuity.


If you’re a senior, you’ll find friends and networking partners as well as customers who are ready in many different countries – waiting for someone to help them in a niche of your choosing.


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Forced Retirement Doesn’t Mean the End Of Your Career

Forced Retirement Doesn’t Mean the End Of Your Career

“Don’t watch the clock. Do what it does. Keep going.” – Ivan Hall

Winston Churchill wrote that he never thought of retirement. Indeed, England called him to be the wartime Prime Minister during the greatest crisis in its history. He was 65 years old and led his country to victory. Interestingly, his party forced him to retire when he was in his forties. But he continued to work by writing articles and serving in the backbench of Parliament. The people forced him to retire after the war, but he persevered and became Prime Minster later in his life.


Most people have many productive years left after retirement, but you have to want to overcome the “youth movement” and age discrimination. You need to decide on what to do with the rest of your life. You will have the time to start a new career, lead a different lifestyle and enjoy numerous successes.

How Much Golf Can We Play Anyway?

Is Retirement the Gateway to a Life of Action or a Life of Isolation?

Seniors aren’t content anymore to accept the gold watch and then be delegated to a life of isolation. It might be fun and relaxing for a while, but eventually boredom sets in and it becomes difficult to spend the days in forced nothingness.

After the travel and the honey-do projects, spending time with family and friends – and don’t forget sleeping in – you can become so bored and inactive that depression can set in, changing your health and outlook on life.


No Freedom Allowed

Angry Time Clock Controls Your Freedom

My Personal Experience After Retirement

When I retired early due to my vision and hearing loss which made working as an Audiologist difficult, I decided to pursue a new career writing grants, blogs, and content for clients. I am glad technology exists to allow me to work from home and have more time to spend with my wife and dog. My wife and friends serve as editors and advisors to my writing. The last five years has been exciting and fulfilling. There is never a dull moment in my life!



Take Action!

But retirement can be a very active and exciting time for seniors. Rather than finding a job, which can confine you to certain hours of the day, think about starting an online business.



Start a Home-Based Online Business

Online businesses can be very rewarding, both financially and intellectually. You set your own hours and supplement your retirement income nicely from an online business when done properly.

Don’t worry if you feel technically challenged. There are many universities, colleges and online courses that offer specially designed courses for seniors on everything from computer programming to simply getting to know your computer.



A Purpose to Your Life

You’ll be learning a new and exciting way to fill the hours of the day with project planning and marketing that will not only boost your income, but will provide a way to keep your brain power sharp.


The intellectual challenges you face now can turn into incredible opportunities in the future. You will be challenging your brain to stay active and delay the effects of memory loss.


Starting an Online Business with Little or No Cash

Learning about available opportunities on the Internet can provide you with a boost in income that can be stimulating and profitable – and with very little startup costs. If you have a computer and know how to use the Internet, you can start your own business.


Not only will you have extra money – but you’ll have the added satisfaction of building and growing your own business. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when beginning anything new.


But if you keep yourself motivated by joining blogs and other ways of keeping in touch with seniors just like you, such as social media groups, you’ll soon master the strategies of making money on the Internet and be on your way to a new and exciting life-after-retirement.



Do Research Now

There are books to read to help you get started. This book is an Amazon Best Seller and has 4.5 star ratings. “Passive Income: 30 Strategies and Ideas to Start an Online Business” is selling as a Kindle book for the bargain price of 99 cents at the time of this writing. Click here to grab the book before the price goes up!

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Tools for Expanding Your LinkedIn Connections

Tools for Expanding Your LinkedIn Connections

How To Expand Your Network On LinkedIn


“My golden rule of networking is simple: Don’t keep score.” –Harvey MacKay


LinkedIn members have access to the following:


  • Have the chance to connect with decision makers
  • Conduct research
  • Display their experience
  • Solicit recommendations
  • Establish themselves as experts in their field
  • Increase their reach to new customers


By seeking out the right connections and asking to be introduced to new connections, you can increase your contacts exponentially.



You should think of LinkedIn as an online “Chamber of Commerce” networking meeting. Accordingly, your LinkedIn profile and activity should be conducted like you are at a business meeting. The people you meet here care about what you can do for them to make their business or themselves better.


In order to expand your reach, use the tools that LinkedIn provides such as:


  • Profiles
  • Company pages
  • Share articles
  • Share posts
  • Share videos and slideshows


This will give you the opportunity to virtually interact with the most people who may become valuable connections. Unlike other social networks, it’s important to be more choosey about who you connect with. You can help by:


Crafting a Compelling Profile


  1. Include your best “head and shoulder” picture
  2. Fill out the profile completely
  3. Develop a strong headline
  4. Develop a summary of your background
  5. Even include your business related extracurricular activities
  6. Include your community and charity activities.
  7. Remember to use keywords in every part of the profile
  8. Choose bullets and lists over long sentences
  9. Allow for plenty of white space
  10. Include various forms of information such as links to presentations, PDF files, videos and more.


Create a Company Page

If you have a business, create a company page on LinkedIn. This will give you a chance to showcase what your business does without showcasing yourself. LinkedIn allows you to include:


  • Videos
  • Images
  • Text
  • PDF files or “white papers” to describe and demonstrate what your business does.

You can also use paid LinkedIn advertising to promote your business page.


Join Groups Strategically

Groups on LinkedIn offer an extraordinary opportunity to establish your expertise. Once people see you as an expert in your niche they’ll start asking to connect to you.

Within Groups on LinkedIn, once you join, you can contribute to discussions, and start discussions. You can even create your own niche group in order to go even further with establishing your expertise.

Join relevant groups that consist of your target audience and groups sponsored by your competition to learn from their expertise as well.



Expanding your network on LinkedIn is almost as simple as just asking to be introduced, but do make sure that your profile is perfected before you get too active.

I can help you develop a great profile that will assist your readers to get to know, like, and trust you. Contact me at and let’s start a conversation.


Do you hate the idea of networking? Here is a good book that will help you network and enjoy the process. Click here for “Networking for People Who Hate to Network.

I write killer social media profiles that “Stand Out From a Crowd.” Connect with me on my LinkedIn profile page at

I accept all invitation to connect. Also, you can contact me with the following:

Bill Hall

LinkedIn Profile Makeover Consultant

LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert


Telephone: (US Eastern Time Zone) 352-443-6734

Skype: William.hall55

Schedule a ten minute appointment:



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Don’t Let Age Discrimination Stop You

Don’t Let Age Discrimination Stop You

If you are retired and have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I believe that the internet levels the playing field. We can achieve our goals without worry that a client is turning us down because we are “too old.”

I found an excellent article on this topic. The author lists several reasons why “ageism”  is an non-issue.

What I liked about this article is the list of reasons to help us change our mindset and move on to success. We have the depth of knowledge that only the “college of hard knocks” can provide. We need to sell that to our clients when making our pitch for business.

Here is the link to the article. Enjoy!

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The One Secret All Successful People Know

The One Secret All Successful People Know

You’ve likely looked around and can see that many people are successful, even though they aren’t perfect. If you’re not aware of that, then you need to start taking notice.I think success not only is measured by outcomes, but also by perceptions.

The secret that successful people know is this:

Doing the work and getting it done, as imperfect as it is, creates success.

There are many famous and infamous quotes that tell you just this, so let’s look at some of them and think about what they’re really saying.

1. Avoid “Paralysis by Analysis!”  Ivan Hall

When we try to get every scrap of information possible, we can get bogged down and not get anything done. The smartest people fail due to this trait. Get it done and move on.


2. “What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, drive and giving 110% all the time.” – Don Zimmer

You can see the truth in this by looking at some of the people who are tops in the entertainment industry, especially pop music. Amy Grant, a singer-songwriter who has had more than ten top ten hits, once said of her success that she just took her “three-octave” voice and got out there and did it.

3. “The hustle brings the dollar. The experience brings the knowledge. The persistence brings success.” – Ross Simmonds

As a digital strategist and internet marketer, Ross is big about the hustle. This is because he knows the truth. No one knows what they’re doing until they do it and have experience doing it. The trick is to keep going even when you feel like a fraud. Only successful people keep going while everyone else just gives up – or never starts to begin with.

Nobody Is Perfect

Just like being “the one who does things” and “gets things done” creates success, the opposite will create either failure or a complete failure to launch. Most of the time entrepreneurs don’t do things due to fear, and that fear is tied up in perfectionism.

You have to realize that no one is perfect. Not you, not them, not anyone.

Everyone has flaws, but that doesn’t matter. You can create and still be flawed. You can become successful while you’re learning and as long as you do it, it’ll eventually happen. You will become a success.


As Theodore Roosevelt once said:

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

Are you going to try to succeed now? Stop waiting for perfection if this is holding you back. Stop waiting until you know everything. You’ll never know everything. Perfection does not exist in reality. You want to try to do your best and commit to God the rest.

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