I retired several years ago and started thinking about my final career. I always wanted to have my own home based business and apply my marketing skills to attract new customers. It took awhile for me to find my niche and I decided to share what I learned over the years with you.

Working Until You Drop

Working Until You Drop

The reality of retirement is that we are living longer and more retirees are staying in the workforce. According to Stanford University’s study “The New Realities of an Older America,” one third of men and one fourth of women from the ages of 65 to 75 will still be in the workforce by 2018.

Unfortunately, older Americans are increasingly falling behind in saving for their retirement. Consider these facts:

  • Ø  One half of all households on Social Security have annual incomes of less than $17,000.
  • Ø  80% of household annual incomes on Social Security is $36,000 or less.
  • Ø  The 80+ age group is falling into poverty at an 8% rate every year.
  • Ø  Social Security benefits are no longer tied to a realistic cost of living index.
  • Ø  The 50+ age group having access to a pension is now an endangered species:

v Only 17% of the population have a defined pension plan.

v The average IRA has just $40,000.

v Pensions do not have Cost of Living Adjustments to keep up with inflation.

Clearly, Baby Boomers want to redefine retirement out of necessity. Many are healthy and can continue working on a time clock. They may enjoy going to work and interacting with others but may find increasingly younger co-workers less sympathetic to the older worker. How many older Americans have experienced a worker half their age telling them they are no longer needed or wanted? It is not a good feeling.)

No Freedom Allowed

Angry Time Clock Controls Your Freedom

I just didn’t want to cope with “office politics” any more. Let the kids play their silly games. I would rather make less money and leave my work place behind. The solution, for me, was to operate a business at home and work at my own pace and schedule.

How Much Golf Can We Play Anyway?

How Much Golf Can We Play Anyway?

Older Americans are faced with having to rethink their passion and career path. Most of us do not have generous pensions to support us. Many of us would rather stay busy and keep our minds sharp and healthy. We need to explore business options that fit with our more relaxed lifestyle and any physical limitations.

I have been operating a home business for over five years. I made many mistakes in developing my business and progress has been slow. I finally settled on my core strengths and passions and actually made a profit this year. Woo Hoo!

Working In My Home Office

Working In My Home Office

I remember when I was in college, I was unable to find part time work during the summer vacation. My mother decided to keep me busy and “volunteered” me to paint rooms for her elderly friends in the neighborhood. I did it for free and my clients were very appreciative of my work ethic and careful painting skills. I learned how to fix holes and cracks, clean the area and rapidly “cut” the edges to speed up the painting process.

Impressed? Don’t be. I never thought of using my house painting skills for pay and charging by the project. I was too conditioned to think in terms of working for somebody else for pay, and not considering working for myself. Today, 50 years later, I can see I had a gold mine in that area and could have earned enough money to last the two semesters of school and put gas in the car. The customers could not afford the high priced painters but could have paid half the cost to me and we would both have won in the deal.

Oh well. Water under the bridge but a lesson learned. This blog will provide ideas to work from home for people who are retired and may be coping with handicaps as well. I will help you identify the need in your community and how you can fill it. I will show you how to market on the Internet to develop your customer base.

My goal is to keep your costs low and steer you away from expensive options and franchises. The goal is to utilize your brain and work ethics to compete with the kids. Believe me, they have a lot to learn about the realities of the work world, and we have “been there, done that.”

There are other factors in operating a business that must be understood. I earned an MBA in 1987 and had a professor who taught an entrepreneurship class that really helped me to see the potential in developing your own business and work from home.

Does working from home seem strange to you? Don’t let it bother you. The President of the United States of America has a home office in the White House. If he can run the country and be a leader of the free world from his home based Oval Office, I am sure you can be comfortable running your business from your own home office.

In addition to the MBA, I have a Masters of Education and enjoy teaching new information using the written media and in personal speeches. I ran an Audiology Clinic, a rehabilitation clinic, several nursing homes (two were start ups), an independent living facility, and non-profit organizations. I will be sharing my experience as it relates to developing your home-based business.

I will post my personal review and opinions on products and information resources for you to consider. My goal is to show you there are many resources out there that are not scams or expensive.

Ideas Form When You Write Them Down!

Ideas Form When You Write Them Down!

Do you have questions or suggestions for a business topic for me to explore? Use my contact form above and I will research the topic and provide an answer for you.

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