“LinkedIn is for people you know. Facebook is for the people you used to know. Twitter is for people you want to know.” –Seth Godin



The Internet has opened the world to seniors who might be limited in their ability to move around and get things done. Being alone is the number one complaint among stay-at-home seniors and depression can set in unless some level of socialization is available.



How the Internet Helps Seniors Achieve a Better Quality of Life

Seniors who use the Internet to socialize and expand their horizons all agree that those who don’t use the ‘net are at a serious disadvantage. The Internet offers a world of information such as seminars, webinars, chat rooms, blogs to express your opinion and so much more.


Expand Your Social Circles and Stay Mentally Active

It’s a shame if seniors don’t or won’t take advantage of this relatively new way of socialization. Socializing with others, either on the ‘net or in person can open a whole new world to seniors who might otherwise be alone for long periods of time.



Socialization in Retirement Communities Like The Villages, FL Slows Memory Decline

The science of socialization reports evidence that those seniors in the United States who lead an active social life will experience a slower decline in memory. Online socializing with others can promote feelings of well-being and satisfaction that never happens with those seniors who don’t know how to use a computer or the Internet.


Reach Out and Touch Someone

Social media sites help seniors keep in touch with family and friends. The ability to Skype or use apps such as Facetime can bring seniors even closer and help them feel more connected and involved.



Home-Based Business is Possible with Social Media

Internet jobs and business building are available to seniors who want to utilize their lifetime skills after retirement. It’s a great and sure way to supplement an income that might not be enough to make ends meet.

Technology has changed our lives – mostly for the better. Seniors are a group that can benefit greatly from the opportunities offered with computers and the Internet. The skills they learn offer a sense of purpose and hope for the future as well as helping financially to meet daily needs and desires.

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Never Stop Learning, Ever!

It’s imperative that seniors know what is available through the Internet. Learning Internet marketing can open a global scale of commerce and socialization that was never possible before.


And the socialization aspect of learning how to navigate the Internet is a fun and important way to keep in touch with others, learn new cultures and keep the mind active and alert.


Home Biz for Retirees Wants to Help Seniors Succeed on the ‘Net

Consultants exist on the Internet to help seniors learn the skills they need to engage in social media and to build an online business that will help supplement their retirement income and boost their confidence and mental acuity.


If you’re a senior, you’ll find friends and networking partners as well as customers who are ready in many different countries – waiting for someone to help them in a niche of your choosing.


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