4 Mistakes to Avoid When Using LinkedIn

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” –Oscar Wilde


Do you want to ensure failure on LinkedIn? Here are four essential steps to ensure your LinkedIn profile will not attract attention from anybody at anytime.These steps are the best way I know to ensure failure and destroy your presence in cyberspace.

LinkedIn is a powerful networking community of professionals. It’s much easier to screw up on LinkedIn than on Facebook or Twitter. Sharing your child’s potty habits seems to be the norm on Facebook. LinkedIn though, is not like that. It’s a place to share professional updates and information about your industry. It is not a place to debate politics, or discuss your hangover.

Here are four mistakes to avoid when using LinkedIn:

  1. Please Do Not Use a Fake Name

LinkedIn is a repository for your professional life. The worst thing you can do is to be anonymous. I know there is a lot of concern about people getting private information about you off the Internet, but this is not the place to worry about that.

On LinkedIn, being found is the name of the game. If you do not use your real name, the one you use at work and in business, you will not be found. If people find out later that your real name is different, you’ll lose trust.

In addition, you will want to ask for endorsements and recommendations from former colleagues and you can’t do that if they don’t know who you are. You must be authentic on the LinkedIn network in order to make it fruitful. If you cannot do that, and be yourself, you may as well not join.


  1. Avoid Using a Terrible Picture or Posting No Picture

Your photo on LinkedIn is a graphic representation of your most professional self. It’s okay if you work at home in your PJ’s, but on LinkedIn, its important to try to capture a good close up image of your face (what you have on won’t matter).

People want and need to see your eyes, nose and mouth. It’s how colleagues will recognize you, and how new people will react to you. First impressions count!

Avoid images common on Facebook. This is not a dating site, a beachwear showcase, or displaying your team’s sportswear. Facebook demands creativity to attract attention and the background is almost as important as the person in the picture.

On LinkedIn, it is your face that matters and the background is not noticeable. You can use your camera on the computer or smart phone to take a close up picture and then post it to your profile.


  1. Do Not Create a Half-Hearted Profile

Some people join LinkedIn and are so overwhelmed by the profile that they skip parts or just never finish it. The profile is key to:

  • Your ability to connect with others
  • Obtain recommendations for work that you’ve done
  • Provide the social proof that shows you as the hardworking professional that you are.


Fill out all aspects of the profile that you can and then take note of the parts you’ve not completed. Find ways to fill out the profile completely. Why? Because your profile’s goal is to have people know, like and trust you. Without trust, they will not contact you.

Wait! There is hope. You can develop a powerful profile that will attract people to your profile and begin the process to get to know, like and truat you.

I can help you develop a great profile that will generate attention and leads. You can contact me below, on LinkedIn, or by email at whall40@gmail.com.

  1. Non Participation Can Kill You

Ok, you created your profile. You jumped in by connecting with current and former colleagues. Now you must participate in the discussion.

You can do this by offering information to discussions on LinkedIn groups. You can also read articles posted by your connections with your comments. LinkedIn is social media such as Facebook, so you can “like” and “share” updates from others. This is a great way to build trust and promote reciprocity.

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