“Sometimes by losing a battle, you find a new way to win the war.” –Ivan Hall


There are a lot of reasons why people fail at affiliate marketing. Some people are just not cut out for Internet marketing. They do better working for someone else in a “real world” setting. They obtain a steady salary in return for working long hours and lacking personal freedom.

On the other hand, you may be perfectly cut out for becoming an Internet entrepreneur.

However, for some reason, you are finding it difficult to make a full-time living as an affiliate marketer. It may be because you are making some simple mistakes that are keeping you from the set of results and financial independence you are looking for.

Listed below are 5 common reasons why people fail at affiliate marketing, and understanding them could put you on the path to affiliate marketing success.


1 – They Expect Instant Success

Affiliate marketing can produce profits rather quickly. However, a life-changing income that offers time and financial freedom almost never happens overnight. Do not expect overnight success to be the case in your affiliate marketing endeavors. Especially if you are working your Internet marketing game part time, it could take several months, or even a couple of years, before you see significant growth and income.

2 – They Don’t “Niche Down” Far Enough

Are you thinking about entering the billion-dollar weight loss industry? If so, you would be well served to dig down to a much finer focus than weight loss. There are some companies that cater to the larger weight loss marketplace that spend literally millions of dollars a year on advertising. It is very difficult to compete with these companies.

However, when you dig down deeper in that larger niche, you begin to find less competition. You also will find that sales are easier, as tiny, micro niche markets are incredibly passionate. Do you think it would be easier to sell a “weight loss for everyone” product, or a “weight loss for women over 50 who want to get their Bikini body back” product?

A second niche market is much easier to attract attention. This niche competition is easier to attract readers than the massive “weight loss” market. This is why “niching down” leads to affiliate marketing success rather than failure.

3 – People Give Up Too Soon

Affiliate marketing is an incredibly competitive business, in any niche. Newbies are entering the affiliate marketing landscape every day. They hear about the riches promised, and they see others making tons of money with this business model.

Unfortunately, many of these people give up right when they are on the verge of developing a real presence as a respected affiliate marketer. You need to give this Internet business model at least a 1 or 2 year commitment. If at that time you have not made any significant money, you can move on knowing that you made a worthwhile effort.


4 – They Promote Anything and Everything

Don’t be that person. Don’t promote any and every product that has a healthy commission. First off, you should definitely be sticking to one topic or market. Once you decide on a niche to pursue, do a lot of homework. Buy the products, try the services and read the books before you promote them.

Limit yourself to a handful of extremely high-value products that have drawn rave reviews by customers. Promoting anything and everything, with a new offer going out to your email list or web visitors every day, is a quick way to be ignored in the affiliate marketing landscape.

5 – They Don’t Add Value

There are literally thousands of affiliate marketers promoting the same products and services you are. How can you get someone to buy through your affiliate links rather than another one, especially when the price and the product are exactly the same?


Add value.

Create an incredible bonus that would attract someone to buy your product. If you are promoting a popular fitness video, add a video series or an eBook as a free bonus that perfectly accentuates the product you are promoting. In this way you add value to the purchase, something that 99% of all affiliate marketers never attempt to do.

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