Online businesses must navigate the internet ocean filled with icebergs. Like the sinking of the Titanic, Google and social media platforms can change abruptly, sinking your business without a trace. A good email list will help you sail the internet waters safe and secure in the knowledge that your audience will never lose you.

Here are eleven reasons why your email list is your lifeboat:

  1. Grow a Sustainable Business:

Your list is your business. It will sustain you no matter what happens tomorrow. That way you will not depend on changes to Google algorithms, or your favorite social media platform disappears. You will thrive with a good list.

2. You Own the List:

This is something you own and will own forever. You can offer products to your subscribers. You can develop a newsletter with paid advertisements to support it. But the point is, you own it.

3. You Have a Direct Line to Your Audience:

– When you have people on an email list, you can email them directly via your autoresponder system. This is a direct contact, not a social media update. You know people will read your email.

4. Without a List Your Funnels Fail:

Sales funnels are important if you want to have a successful, long-term business. It’s how your audience travels through the buying cycle and an important part of building a real business.

5. You Can Sell Your Business:

A good strategy for your retirement plan is to sell your successful online business. That includes your list. Buyers know that is the strength of your online sales presence. Thus, the big list is a great retirement plan.

6. It’s a Great Way to Build Relationships:

You can build a great relationship with your subscribers by sending updates about your life. And by saying things you don’t normally say on social media,

7. Get More Traffic:

When you have a big list, and you send them an update about your blogs, you’ll get more readers and more traffic. They’ll go read your blog, share your blog, and your traffic will increase dramatically.

8. Key Business Success Indicator:

One way to tell how well your business is doing now and in the long term is that your list is steadily growing and the response rate is growing too. You can tell if something is not right when your conversion rate declines.

9. It’s Like a Mini ATM:

This is sort of rude, but it’s kind of the truth. Whenever you need extra money and you have a good list, if you send a good offer to your list that is relevant, you can expect a response rate between two to seven percent. Some list owners such as Tiffany Lambert have higher conversion rates due to the high quality of her list subscribers and her ability to provide products that her audience will buy.

10.  Make More Sales:

It’s just a fact that you’re going to make more sales in email than you do straight off your website.This is why even bigger companies like Amazon and use email.

11.  Email Is Better Than Social Media:

You may love social media. You may be having some wonderful results from social media. But, think of this: MySpace, Blab, and even Facebook and Twitter change things and make it harder to market to your audience. They even disappear. But your email list will always be yours.

Sailing the internet ocean can be treacherous because it is filled with icebergs that can sink your ship without a trace. Building an email list will take time, but if you build it properly, it will be the best life boat to keep your business afloat.

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