You’ve likely looked around and can see that many people are successful, even though they aren’t perfect. If you’re not aware of that, then you need to start taking notice.I think success not only is measured by outcomes, but also by perceptions.

The secret that successful people know is this:

Doing the work and getting it done, as imperfect as it is, creates success.

There are many famous and infamous quotes that tell you just this, so let’s look at some of them and think about what they’re really saying.

1. Avoid “Paralysis by Analysis!”  Ivan Hall

When we try to get every scrap of information possible, we can get bogged down and not get anything done. The smartest people fail due to this trait. Get it done and move on.


2. “What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, drive and giving 110% all the time.” – Don Zimmer

You can see the truth in this by looking at some of the people who are tops in the entertainment industry, especially pop music. Amy Grant, a singer-songwriter who has had more than ten top ten hits, once said of her success that she just took her “three-octave” voice and got out there and did it.

3. “The hustle brings the dollar. The experience brings the knowledge. The persistence brings success.” – Ross Simmonds

As a digital strategist and internet marketer, Ross is big about the hustle. This is because he knows the truth. No one knows what they’re doing until they do it and have experience doing it. The trick is to keep going even when you feel like a fraud. Only successful people keep going while everyone else just gives up – or never starts to begin with.

Nobody Is Perfect

Just like being “the one who does things” and “gets things done” creates success, the opposite will create either failure or a complete failure to launch. Most of the time entrepreneurs don’t do things due to fear, and that fear is tied up in perfectionism.

You have to realize that no one is perfect. Not you, not them, not anyone.

Everyone has flaws, but that doesn’t matter. You can create and still be flawed. You can become successful while you’re learning and as long as you do it, it’ll eventually happen. You will become a success.


As Theodore Roosevelt once said:

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

Are you going to try to succeed now? Stop waiting for perfection if this is holding you back. Stop waiting until you know everything. You’ll never know everything. Perfection does not exist in reality. You want to try to do your best and commit to God the rest.

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