Why You Need an Email List

Why You Need an Email List

Online businesses must navigate the internet ocean filled with icebergs. Like the sinking of the Titanic, Google and social media platforms can change abruptly, sinking your business without a trace. A good email list will help you sail the internet waters safe and secure in the knowledge that your audience will never lose you.

Here are eleven reasons why your email list is your lifeboat:

  1. Grow a Sustainable Business:

Your list is your business. It will sustain you no matter what happens tomorrow. That way you will not depend on changes to Google algorithms, or your favorite social media platform disappears. You will thrive with a good list.

2. You Own the List:

This is something you own and will own forever. You can offer products to your subscribers. You can develop a newsletter with paid advertisements to support it. But the point is, you own it.

3. You Have a Direct Line to Your Audience:

– When you have people on an email list, you can email them directly via your autoresponder system. This is a direct contact, not a social media update. You know people will read your email.

4. Without a List Your Funnels Fail:

Sales funnels are important if you want to have a successful, long-term business. It’s how your audience travels through the buying cycle and an important part of building a real business.

5. You Can Sell Your Business:

A good strategy for your retirement plan is to sell your successful online business. That includes your list. Buyers know that is the strength of your online sales presence. Thus, the big list is a great retirement plan.

6. It’s a Great Way to Build Relationships:

You can build a great relationship with your subscribers by sending updates about your life. And by saying things you don’t normally say on social media,

7. Get More Traffic:

When you have a big list, and you send them an update about your blogs, you’ll get more readers and more traffic. They’ll go read your blog, share your blog, and your traffic will increase dramatically.

8. Key Business Success Indicator:

One way to tell how well your business is doing now and in the long term is that your list is steadily growing and the response rate is growing too. You can tell if something is not right when your conversion rate declines.

9. It’s Like a Mini ATM:

This is sort of rude, but it’s kind of the truth. Whenever you need extra money and you have a good list, if you send a good offer to your list that is relevant, you can expect a response rate between two to seven percent. Some list owners such as Tiffany Lambert have higher conversion rates due to the high quality of her list subscribers and her ability to provide products that her audience will buy.

10.  Make More Sales:

It’s just a fact that you’re going to make more sales in email than you do straight off your website.This is why even bigger companies like Amazon and Overstock.com use email.

11.  Email Is Better Than Social Media:

You may love social media. You may be having some wonderful results from social media. But, think of this: MySpace, Blab, and even Facebook and Twitter change things and make it harder to market to your audience. They even disappear. But your email list will always be yours.

Sailing the internet ocean can be treacherous because it is filled with icebergs that can sink your ship without a trace. Building an email list will take time, but if you build it properly, it will be the best life boat to keep your business afloat.

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The Networking Revolution: Five Ways Women Are Changing their Lives through Home Business Ownership

The Networking Revolution: Five Ways Women Are Changing their Lives through Home Business Ownership

Women Harnessing the Power of Networking and Growing Their Home Based Businesses

Have you ever had dreams of business ownership? Whether you are a working mom, a single mom or a stay-at-home mom, the home based business opportunities are ripe for the picking. You can add additional income to your household or start a business to eventually replace an outside income. Home businesses can improve quality time within families and give you the flexibility you need and desire.

Networking: The Good News

Women are changing business ownership and making it on their terms. Through franchises at home, they are making friends, expanding their networking circle and becoming financially independent.

The information in this book can help you get started right away. There are very little startup costs and low risk. What most women are finding is access to great training programs, business support, online presence through turnkey websites and incentive programs.

The success  is where you dare to reach out and seize the opportunity to make it yours. Discover some myths about home business ownership as well as inspiring stories of untold success. Map out your strategy today and get moving.

The Networking Revolution: Five Ways Women Are Changing their Lives through Home Business Ownership direct link:

What Makes a Social Media Strategy Successful?

What Makes a Social Media Strategy Successful?

Social media marketing is a lucrative way to position yourself as an expert. Successful marketing will generate leads and sales.

Mistakes with this strategy include:

  • Being tagged as a spammer
  • Taking steps that are considered rude
  • Not paying attention to the rules of the road

Before you embark on the social media marketing journey, you must consider these ten points:

  1.  Position Yourself as an Expert:

When you are seen as an expert, people will trust what you have to say about an issue. To position yourself as an expert, act like one by answering questions and showing what you know without trying to sell anyone on anything.

2.  Contribute Meaningfully:

Add value in your comments, not just “I concur” or “I hate that.” Be creative, with every contribution that you make.

3.  Choose Productivity over Activity:

There is a vast difference between activity and productivity. Don’t get on social media just for fun. Have a plan of action in order to get results. You can play on social media during personal time; don’t fool yourself and think playing on social media is productive work.

4.  Choose Quality over Quantity:

Being noisy isn’t really going to get good results. You need to choose quality over quantity when it comes to the content you share and the contributions you make.

5.  Never SPAM:

Keep in mind that different networks and groups see SPAM differently. Some groups don’t allow you to share your links, while some do. Pay attention to the rules of every network and group you join, and stick to them even if others aren’t.

6.  Be Authentic:

Only one person in the entire universe can be you. Therefore, you need to be you and not try to be something you’re not. If you’re a night owl, it’s okay; If you don’t like suits, that’s okay too. Not everyone does, and when you’re in it for yourself, you can be exactly who you are.

7. Don’t Be Entitled:

Just because someone lets you join their network, connect with them on LinkedIn or invites you to their group, doesn’t mean that you’ve been given carte blanche to do whatever you want. Follow the rules, and be polite. Don’t pitch your wares unless you’re asked to do so.

8.  Keep Up-to-Date on Trends:

In any niche, there are trends that come and go. If you’re smart, you’ll pay close attention to these trends so that you can update your audience, stay updated yourself, and find new ways to do things when the need arises. Not everything that works today will still work tomorrow.

9.  Use Multimedia and Images:

It’s important to use a mixture of different types of media and not just text on your social media networks. Use amazing images and video to create a multimedia interaction with your audience that they’ll not soon forget.

10.  Follow Up:

This is likely the most important thing of all. When you network with someone, remember to follow up with them. Try to keep notes on people that you know you want to keep up with over time. That way, you can remember something important. You might send them a news clipping, a thank you note, or just a link to an article you read that you know they’d enjoy.

The important thing is that when you use social media marketing, you don’t become too promotional. The point of social media is to be social and engage. This is the key to ignite the most powerful force in the world when it comes to marketing: word of mouth.

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Top Ways to Use Online Experiences to Boost Your Business

Did you know that your customers are much more likely to tell their friends bad stuff that you do than good stuff – unless the good stuff is extraordinary? They already expect to see fast-loading shopping websites, secure shopping experiences, and one-click ordering. It’s what they don’t expect that matters most when it comes to using online experiences to boost your business.

* Send a Card – When a customer makes a large purchase from you, consider collecting snail mail addresses in addition to email addresses. This way you can send them a card in the mail thanking them for the purchase along with a little coupon. You can use a service like SendOutCards, or even an online service like Tiny Prints.

Send Out Cards – https://www.sendoutcards.com/
Tiny Prints – https://www.tinyprints.com/

* Talk to Them on the Phone – Another way to impress your customers is to pick up the phone to tell them thank you, ask them how it’s going, and whether or not you can do anything for them. Most of the time you’ll end up leaving a message on voice mail, but sometimes you’ll get to have a great conversation with someone who is about to become a customer for life.

* Send a Survey – When you’re not sure what to do in order to improve your users’ online experiences, ask them. You can use survey software like SnapSurveys or the function on Facebook in Groups, or ask a one-question survey via email.

Link – http://www.snapsurveys.com/

* Personalize Packaging – If you send items to your customers in the mail that they order online, the packaging can make a huge difference. While this isn’t exactly an “online experience” by itself, it will improve your reorder rate exponentially.

* Free Is Fun – When you give your audience a lot of free information that they can really count on and use, they end up reporting a much better online experience than without it. If you’re not sure about free, another fun way is to let them pay what they want for digital reports. You can do this easy with Gumroad.

Link – http://www.gumroad.com/

* Send Fewer Emails – This might seem counterproductive but the truth is, people get sick of too many emails. However, you do want to reach out a few times a week so they don’t forget about you. In order to accomplish this, only send out email when you have a reason and purpose for doing so – this will make your audience trust you even more.

* Keep Your Blog Updated – Nothing is worse for your customer than having a few minutes of time to read what you have to say, only to find out that they’re all caught up. While you don’t want to post just to post, you do want to put up new content a few times a week that has a point and that your audience will love.

* Engage in Social Media – Social media is supposed to be an interactive experience but so many times it’s not. Try to spend a little time each day updating social media, answering questions, responding to comments, and posting something new.

Finally, ensure that whenever your audience needs to visit (online or offline), you offer the best experience for them that you can. Fast speeds and an easy-to-read website matches the importance of a comfortable store front for boutique shoppers. Leave no stone unturned to improve your users’ online experiences to boost your business.

The Experience: The 5 Principles of Disney Service and Relationship Excellence

The Experience: The 5 Principles of Disney Service and Relationship Excellence


Have you ever known anyone who was not happy after they visited Walt Disney World? Probably not. Many people go back again and again with and without their kids to see what is new and exciting at their theme parks.

Why? They have cornered the market on customer satisfaction. There are lessons to be learned here, even if you are not the owner of a theme park. Disney is a business and every business could benefit greatly from increased customer experience.

What is a positive customer experience?

It is more than a customer walking away happy. If they are satisfied, they will come again, share their experiences and promote your business. At Disney, their principles of customer service are based on the I. C.A.R.E. model:

  • Impression
  • Connection
  • Attitude
  • Response
  • Exceptionals

They have worked hard to meet their customer needs in these areas and you can harness that information to change your current customer service situation.

Crucial Questions:

  • Where is your customer service level currently?
  • What steps can you take to improve it?
  • Is your plan of action based on this model?

Your company may not be a Disney theme park but your customers can still have the experience of a lifetime.

The Experience: The 5 Principles of Disney Service and Relationship Excellence may be purchased here.

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