How to Create a Strong LinkedIn Profile

“Always think thoughts that are productive and positive. For the Law of Attraction possesses your key to either endless misery and woe or to an abundance you never knew could be achievable.” –Xavier Streeter


LinkedIn is a professional social network that is a gigantic business-networking event, working 24/7 around the world. It is more than a job search network where you post a resume. It is the key for a successful online “B2B” (Business to Business) marketing campaign targeting small businesses, professional service providers, and digital marketing services.

It is a “suits” network version of Facebook. No cute pictures of your grandchildren here. This is where you can promote yourself and / or your business to targeted businesses and professionals ready to connect with you. People on LinkedIn expect to connect with experts.



Everything Starts with Your Profile

Walt Disney once remarked that his huge business empire with movies, TV series, books, and amusement parks, “It all started with a mouse.”

On LinkedIn, the mouse would be your profile. Here are the key areas that you must complete to have an effective profile that attracts attention.


  1. Headshot:


Upload a professional headshot that showcases yourself in the manner you’d like presented to the world. Don’t use your webcam for this crucial portion of your profile. It should be a head shot, professionally dressed, smiling, and NO sunglasses. People are suspicious when you hide your eyes.


  1. Headline:

The headline shows up on LinkedIn beside your photo and under your name. Think of it as a “click ad.” Choose keywords carefully that describe what you do. Don’t waste time with job titles. I discovered in my research that using a pipe “|” symbol to separate the keywords. It looks better than a comma because it differentiates the words in an attractive way.


  1. Summary

The summary is created before your work history and after your headline. It’s a great place to describe the things that you can do for your customers. If you want to attract people to your service or product, be sure to focus on them, not you. Don’t be the bore at the party who only talks about themselves and never asks anything about you. This is social media, talk to people and be approachable.


  1. Video:


On the profile there are two places where you can add videos. It’s a great place to put a video introduction of yourself or showcase your product in action. You can also add “Special Reports” in PDF format for customers to download. This is an effective way to showcase your expertise. You can even include a link to a slide show. Remember, stay professional, but give valuable content.


  1. Work History:

On LinkedIn this area is more like a resume. But you can still create it so it displays how you served your customers so the reader can develop trust in your expertise. Pay close attention to details and be completely honest. There is no room for exaggerations on After all, someone with whom you’ve worked previously will see it.


  1. Recommendations:

It is a good idea to ask old colleagues and supervisors for recommendations. Don’t send a form letter; personalize each one, reminding them of what you accomplished with them. This will help them know what to write in your recommendation letter.


  1. Endorsements:

Anyone can give you an endorsement but it’s important to only accept the ones from people you know. You can use the settings to hide or show endorsements.


You can Do It Yourself or Hire Me

By following these tips you can create a strong and effective LinkedIn profile that works for you.


However, I know it is difficult to write about yourself. I specialize in LinkedIn Profiles Makeovers. I will write your profile that will attract leads from people seeking your service or product. Call me at 352-443-6724 and leave me your telephone number and time zone. Let’s create a profile that you will be proud to use to promote yourself and / or your business.


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