Part 2 in the Make Money with Your Personal Handwriting Business


We discussed the opportunity for handwritten notes and envelopes. Now we will discuss how to develop the business and reach the people who could use your service. I hope this post will serve to suggest a strategy to develop and promote your home-based business. Click here for the post on Part one of this series.


Key Value to Stand Out From the Crowd

You should promote your handwriting as an affordable alternative to calligraphy.

People will assume your service is the more expensive craft of calligraphy, and you need to explain the difference between the two handwritings. Put your handwriting on display on your business card. It will stand out for sure.

Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals

Standardize Your Service for Easy Pricing

It is better to standardize your package of services for cost control, time control and to explain your pricing package.

For example, let’s say you want to offer handwritten “Thank You for the Sale” notes for professionals who want to correspond with their clients. We know the most popular greeting cards sold by Hallmark are the Thank You cards. So, price your service at $5.00 per card. It should include:

  • A four by six inch card stock with matching envelope
  • Limit the words to 50, so the message is brief, to the point, and nice to read.
  • Handwrite the mailing and return address.
  • Include a first class postage stamp from the US Postal Service.


An added touch is to obtain several small denomination stamps or special issue stamps to further personalize the face of the envelope. Yes, people note the stamps!


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Develop a sample note with envelopes and stamps to show what you can do for that real estate agent. Sales professionals know that a nice thank you will lead to referrals that will generate more sales.


How to Price Your Mass Envelope Addressing Service?


When you show the notes and the addressed envelopes, be sure to mention you can address envelopes for a direct mail campaign. How to price?

Time your self on addressing 100 envelopes. If it takes two hours, charge $50. This will allow room for you to offer a discount for 500 envelopes. That way, the business manager can see if this strategy is effective for increasing the response rate. Be sure the volume charge offers real value to the buyer of your service.

business man

Promotion Strategy

You are going to network with potential customers. The Chamber of Commerce in your area will have networking meetings. You can also talk to your realtor, chiropractor, automobile salesman, and the like.

When you meet the person at a networking meeting, give your “elevator speech” and your business card. What do I mean by an “elevator speech?”

This is a speech you can give in an elevator in about 30 seconds to convey that your service is to help businesses improve their image.


Here is a sample speech:

“Hi, I’m Bill Hall. I help small businesses and professionals improve their image and sales by writing clear, personal handwritten notes to your current and potential clients. I offer personally written thank you notes, call to action notes and more. Here’s my card. Call me. I can help you increase your business.”

Yes, it is that easy.

For more tips, view my video on “Shoe Leather Marketing” by clicking here.

This is a low investment home based business. But it does require effort on your part to market your service. Use your written communication skills to your advantage and provide this market with a unique service that only you can provide. Sweet!


Key Resource: “Handwriting Service Business Plan, Marketing Plan, How to Guide, and Funding Directory,” by BizStartUpDB. This package includes detailed plans to answer any questions you may have. You can buy it by clicking here.



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