How to Make Money Writing Personal Handwritten Notes in Your Retirement


“Do the best you can with what you’ve got. Then don’t worry about it.” –Ivan Hall


Make money with your handwriting? Are you kidding? No, I’m not. Think about it.

When you go to your mailbox, you find a pile of mail. You sort through bills, and “junk mail.” The question begs: What envelope would you open?


Do you reach for one with a laser printed mailing label or one with a handwritten address and return address. Would you look at the colorful, unique stamp on that envelope?


Yes, you would open the handwritten envelope. Someone took the time to handwrite the address. It is so rare an occurrence; you cannot toss it in the trash without reading it first.


“Wait a minute, Mr. Postman…” 

Do you remember the opening lyrics to that song? You are showing your age.

Once upon a time, in a world that existed long ago, a letter was the only means of communication available for long distance contact. In Internet years, that was the pre-historic age.

First class mail is no longer the main business of the United States Postal Service. We send letters by email or text and ignore the paper mail sitting in that box by the road.


Endangered Species: “Cursive” Handwriting

Writing13Schools no longer teach penmanship to elementary students. Remember the days of “cursive” writing drills? Kids today don’t even learn how to sign their name!

Businesses employ people with terrible handwriting or poorly formed block-lettering skills. Messages are all typewritten now. But the sameness is boring. How to stand out from the crowd? Lovely handwriting!


How to Stand Out From the Crowd

speak out for home-based-businesses

It is rare to see handwritten letters or notes today. Small businesses trying to use direct mail to advertise their services are finding a paltry 2% response rate. It stands to reason that good handwriting can increase this response.

We older Americans are part of the generation that learned how to write using cursive style. We all have a unique handwriting. If people admire your handwriting, why not make money from home? It could supplement your retirement lifestyle.


Opportunity Knocks

Professionals have a great need to write a personal note to clients thanking them for the sale. Real Estate agents, Insurance agents, Automobile sales, and everyone you can think of that could benefit with a note that will be so unique, people will remember their names.

Small businesses want to find a way to improve their direct mail campaign. Why not suggest a handwritten address and return address on every envelope? People will open them and take action. If they can increase the response rate to 5 to 10%, that is a WOW factor for them.

Here is a resource you can use to develop this business:

Key Resource: “Handwriting Service Business Plan, Marketing Plan, How to Guide, and Funding Directory,” by BizStartUpDB. This package includes detailed plans to answer any questions you may have. You can buy it by clicking here.


See part two in this series of handwriting business called “How to Develop and Market Your Handwriting service.”

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