Create a “Magnetic” LinkedIn Profile

Create a “Magnetic” LinkedIn Profile

How to Create a Strong LinkedIn Profile

“Always think thoughts that are productive and positive. For the Law of Attraction possesses your key to either endless misery and woe or to an abundance you never knew could be achievable.” –Xavier Streeter


LinkedIn is a professional social network that is a gigantic business-networking event, working 24/7 around the world. It is more than a job search network where you post a resume. It is the key for a successful online “B2B” (Business to Business) marketing campaign targeting small businesses, professional service providers, and digital marketing services.

It is a “suits” network version of Facebook. No cute pictures of your grandchildren here. This is where you can promote yourself and / or your business to targeted businesses and professionals ready to connect with you. People on LinkedIn expect to connect with experts.



Everything Starts with Your Profile

Walt Disney once remarked that his huge business empire with movies, TV series, books, and amusement parks, “It all started with a mouse.”

On LinkedIn, the mouse would be your profile. Here are the key areas that you must complete to have an effective profile that attracts attention.


  1. Headshot:


Upload a professional headshot that showcases yourself in the manner you’d like presented to the world. Don’t use your webcam for this crucial portion of your profile. It should be a head shot, professionally dressed, smiling, and NO sunglasses. People are suspicious when you hide your eyes.


  1. Headline:

The headline shows up on LinkedIn beside your photo and under your name. Think of it as a “click ad.” Choose keywords carefully that describe what you do. Don’t waste time with job titles. I discovered in my research that using a pipe “|” symbol to separate the keywords. It looks better than a comma because it differentiates the words in an attractive way.


  1. Summary

The summary is created before your work history and after your headline. It’s a great place to describe the things that you can do for your customers. If you want to attract people to your service or product, be sure to focus on them, not you. Don’t be the bore at the party who only talks about themselves and never asks anything about you. This is social media, talk to people and be approachable.


  1. Video:


On the profile there are two places where you can add videos. It’s a great place to put a video introduction of yourself or showcase your product in action. You can also add “Special Reports” in PDF format for customers to download. This is an effective way to showcase your expertise. You can even include a link to a slide show. Remember, stay professional, but give valuable content.


  1. Work History:

On LinkedIn this area is more like a resume. But you can still create it so it displays how you served your customers so the reader can develop trust in your expertise. Pay close attention to details and be completely honest. There is no room for exaggerations on After all, someone with whom you’ve worked previously will see it.


  1. Recommendations:

It is a good idea to ask old colleagues and supervisors for recommendations. Don’t send a form letter; personalize each one, reminding them of what you accomplished with them. This will help them know what to write in your recommendation letter.


  1. Endorsements:

Anyone can give you an endorsement but it’s important to only accept the ones from people you know. You can use the settings to hide or show endorsements.


You can Do It Yourself or Hire Me

By following these tips you can create a strong and effective LinkedIn profile that works for you.


However, I know it is difficult to write about yourself. I specialize in LinkedIn Profiles Makeovers. I will write your profile that will attract leads from people seeking your service or product. Call me at 352-443-6724 and leave me your telephone number and time zone. Let’s create a profile that you will be proud to use to promote yourself and / or your business.


Write a comment below, click the “Thumbs Up” button on YouTube, “Like” on Faceboo and LinkedIn. Connect with me on my

LinkedIn Profile Page:

I accept all LinkedIn connection requests. Here are other ways to contact me:

Bill Hall

LinkedIn Profile Makeover Consultant

LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert



Telephone: (US Eastern Time Zone) 352-443-6734

Skype: William.hall55

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Start Your LinkedIn Account Now and Seize the Opportunity

Start Your LinkedIn Account Now and Seize the Opportunity

LinkedIn Fast Start Guide For The Newbie


“There are no mistakes, only opportunities.” –Tina Fey


At first glance, seems a little more complicated than some other social media networks. We need to understand the difference between and other social media networks such as Facebook.


LinkedIn is Different

Think of Facebook as a party for family and friends. People drop in, talk and listen to the latest news in the neighborhood and see the latest pictures of children and grandchildren. It is a fun site for fun communication. Think of as a “trade show” where people want to network with other like-minded people and share business cards. This is a giant business-networking site where the “elevator speech” is crucial to make a good first impression.


Utilize this Giant Networking Event Effectively

As you can see, provides a straightforward way for individuals and business owners to hire, market and sell in an innovative and new way. This is a site for professionals and you won’t see mothers sharing their child’s potty habits. You will see professionals sharing their expertise and offering help to members on



Fast Start Guide to

  • Use a Free Account

There is no need to upgrade your account to a paid account. The free version provides plenty of options for you to use. Here are nine key benefits to the free account:


  1. Create a Professional Profile


  1. Build a Network of Connections or Contacts


  1. Join Other People’s Networks


  1. Participate in & Create Groups


  1. Search for Companies, Jobs and People


  1. Send Messages and Get Answers


  1. Make Comments On Posts


  1. Use Various Applications


  1. Set Up Personalized Searches


  • What Do You Get with a Paid Account?

The paid or premium version has all those features plus, you can send emails to people who you don’t know with the “In Message.” People can contact you without knowing you directly. Remember, this is social media and you must not be pushy even with this feature.


Key Element When Searching for Leads

One feature you get with the paid account  is being able to view the results of who is looking at your profile. This means you can contact the person with a message inviting them to communicate with you. Don’t forget to thank the viewer for viewing your profile!

man pencil


You can upgrade at any time. Get accustomed to the vast features of the free account first. You may find that there is no reason to get a premium account at this time.


  • How Do I Join?

Joining is quick and easy. If you’ve never joined, go to the home page and click the sign up window to register. Fill this out using your full real name and the email address you use most. Be cautious about using your work email unless you own the business.


  • Set Up Your Profile


When you fill out the form as the system prompts you, you’ll have completed a lot of your profile. Keep in mind that in most cases you can go back and edit later, but why not fill it out as accurately as possible now?

This is a site for professionals and a lack of detail and contact information will cast doubt on your ability to serve a business.


  • Currently there are several parts to your profile:
  1. Your Name:

This should, of course, be your real name that you use in business. Don’t try to be clever and use a fake name. This is your online professional identity and you must be yourself.


  1. Your Headline:

This will appear under your name, and should describe what you do, not where you work. Think in terms of using keywords and keyword phrases separated by the pipe symbol ( | ) instead of a sentence or phrase.


  1. Your Photograph:


This should be a photo of your face with a plain background. People want to see the real you that includes your eyes, nose and mouth. This is not the time to put the photo of you downing giant margaritas; this is the time to demonstrate your most professional image.


  1. Your Work History / Experience:

Include every aspect of your work history that relates to your goals with your account. For instance, if you used to be a bookkeeper 20 years ago, but you have no intention of being one now, focus on what you want to do now as you fill out your work history.


  1. Extras:

You’ll notice on that within the profile section are some extra little spots that you can add information, such as videos, images and documents. You can add these later if you’re not ready now.


  1. Education:

This section is exactly what it says, add in your education, and any certificates that you have that demonstrate your knowledge in your profession.


  1. Additional Info:

This area asks that you include interests, personal details, and how to contact you. Please put something in here that isn’t too off track of your goals for your future. Be cautious about putting something in interests that is too controversial and not related to your business.


I Can Help You Create an Effective Profile!

Do you find writing a profile of yourself difficult? I can help you with that challenge. I specialize in creating magnetic profiles that will generate leads for you.

Contact me today and let’s get your profile up and working for you 24/7!

Bill Hall

LinkedIn Profile Makeover Consultant

LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert



Telephone: (US Eastern Time Zone) 352-443-6734

Skype: William.hall55

Schedule a ten minute appointment:


LinkedIn Profile Page:


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How to Develop and Promote Your Handwriting Service Business

How to Develop and Promote Your Handwriting Service Business

Part 2 in the Make Money with Your Personal Handwriting Business


We discussed the opportunity for handwritten notes and envelopes. Now we will discuss how to develop the business and reach the people who could use your service. I hope this post will serve to suggest a strategy to develop and promote your home-based business. Click here for the post on Part one of this series.


Key Value to Stand Out From the Crowd

You should promote your handwriting as an affordable alternative to calligraphy.

People will assume your service is the more expensive craft of calligraphy, and you need to explain the difference between the two handwritings. Put your handwriting on display on your business card. It will stand out for sure.

Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals

Standardize Your Service for Easy Pricing

It is better to standardize your package of services for cost control, time control and to explain your pricing package.

For example, let’s say you want to offer handwritten “Thank You for the Sale” notes for professionals who want to correspond with their clients. We know the most popular greeting cards sold by Hallmark are the Thank You cards. So, price your service at $5.00 per card. It should include:

  • A four by six inch card stock with matching envelope
  • Limit the words to 50, so the message is brief, to the point, and nice to read.
  • Handwrite the mailing and return address.
  • Include a first class postage stamp from the US Postal Service.


An added touch is to obtain several small denomination stamps or special issue stamps to further personalize the face of the envelope. Yes, people note the stamps!


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Develop a sample note with envelopes and stamps to show what you can do for that real estate agent. Sales professionals know that a nice thank you will lead to referrals that will generate more sales.


How to Price Your Mass Envelope Addressing Service?


When you show the notes and the addressed envelopes, be sure to mention you can address envelopes for a direct mail campaign. How to price?

Time your self on addressing 100 envelopes. If it takes two hours, charge $50. This will allow room for you to offer a discount for 500 envelopes. That way, the business manager can see if this strategy is effective for increasing the response rate. Be sure the volume charge offers real value to the buyer of your service.

business man

Promotion Strategy

You are going to network with potential customers. The Chamber of Commerce in your area will have networking meetings. You can also talk to your realtor, chiropractor, automobile salesman, and the like.

When you meet the person at a networking meeting, give your “elevator speech” and your business card. What do I mean by an “elevator speech?”

This is a speech you can give in an elevator in about 30 seconds to convey that your service is to help businesses improve their image.


Here is a sample speech:

“Hi, I’m Bill Hall. I help small businesses and professionals improve their image and sales by writing clear, personal handwritten notes to your current and potential clients. I offer personally written thank you notes, call to action notes and more. Here’s my card. Call me. I can help you increase your business.”

Yes, it is that easy.

For more tips, view my video on “Shoe Leather Marketing” by clicking here.

This is a low investment home based business. But it does require effort on your part to market your service. Use your written communication skills to your advantage and provide this market with a unique service that only you can provide. Sweet!


Key Resource: “Handwriting Service Business Plan, Marketing Plan, How to Guide, and Funding Directory,” by BizStartUpDB. This package includes detailed plans to answer any questions you may have. You can buy it by clicking here.



Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this idea. Don’t forget to click “Thumbs Up” on YouTube and “Like” on Facebook. Thanks

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Handwriting for Cash? Absolutely!

Handwriting for Cash? Absolutely!

How to Make Money Writing Personal Handwritten Notes in Your Retirement


“Do the best you can with what you’ve got. Then don’t worry about it.” –Ivan Hall


Make money with your handwriting? Are you kidding? No, I’m not. Think about it.

When you go to your mailbox, you find a pile of mail. You sort through bills, and “junk mail.” The question begs: What envelope would you open?


Do you reach for one with a laser printed mailing label or one with a handwritten address and return address. Would you look at the colorful, unique stamp on that envelope?


Yes, you would open the handwritten envelope. Someone took the time to handwrite the address. It is so rare an occurrence; you cannot toss it in the trash without reading it first.


“Wait a minute, Mr. Postman…” 

Do you remember the opening lyrics to that song? You are showing your age.

Once upon a time, in a world that existed long ago, a letter was the only means of communication available for long distance contact. In Internet years, that was the pre-historic age.

First class mail is no longer the main business of the United States Postal Service. We send letters by email or text and ignore the paper mail sitting in that box by the road.


Endangered Species: “Cursive” Handwriting

Writing13Schools no longer teach penmanship to elementary students. Remember the days of “cursive” writing drills? Kids today don’t even learn how to sign their name!

Businesses employ people with terrible handwriting or poorly formed block-lettering skills. Messages are all typewritten now. But the sameness is boring. How to stand out from the crowd? Lovely handwriting!


How to Stand Out From the Crowd

speak out for home-based-businesses

It is rare to see handwritten letters or notes today. Small businesses trying to use direct mail to advertise their services are finding a paltry 2% response rate. It stands to reason that good handwriting can increase this response.

We older Americans are part of the generation that learned how to write using cursive style. We all have a unique handwriting. If people admire your handwriting, why not make money from home? It could supplement your retirement lifestyle.


Opportunity Knocks

Professionals have a great need to write a personal note to clients thanking them for the sale. Real Estate agents, Insurance agents, Automobile sales, and everyone you can think of that could benefit with a note that will be so unique, people will remember their names.

Small businesses want to find a way to improve their direct mail campaign. Why not suggest a handwritten address and return address on every envelope? People will open them and take action. If they can increase the response rate to 5 to 10%, that is a WOW factor for them.

Here is a resource you can use to develop this business:

Key Resource: “Handwriting Service Business Plan, Marketing Plan, How to Guide, and Funding Directory,” by BizStartUpDB. This package includes detailed plans to answer any questions you may have. You can buy it by clicking here.


See part two in this series of handwriting business called “How to Develop and Market Your Handwriting service.”

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this idea. Don’t forget to click “Thumbs Up” on YouTube and “Like” on Facebook. Thanks.

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How to Master the Techniques of Direct Sales

Direct Selling is Not as Hard as You Think

“Mom was 50 when my Dad died. She got on a bus every weekday for years, and rode 40 miles each morning to Madison. She earned a new degree and learned new skills to start her small business. It wasn’t just a new livelihood. It was a new life.” –Paul Ryan



AAKK! I hate selling!

Is this you? Don’t sweat it. You can learn the selling techniques with a little bit of preparation, planning, and practice. There is a science to “closing” a sale. This is a very brief article to help you sell ads on your local portal site.

In our previous post, “How to Develop a Local Portal Site into a Cash Cow,” we discussed the potential of earning cash by selling ads directly to business owners. This one requirement to speak directly to a customer prevents people from trying this business model. This article is to help you sell the ads. Click here for the post.


Prepare a Demonstration Website

When you are explaining the benefits to your Local Portal Website, you need to show your potential customers what you can do for them. You should develop a demonstration model displaying the features and benefits of your service.

Key points for your demo site include:

  • Use a “responsive” theme so people with smartphones can read it.


  • Use an actual local name and not “Any town, USA” as the title.


  • Use your local town and add content on the area you know very well.


  • Add attractive pictures of the area.


  • Show the ten slots you have reserved for businesses with a sample ad.


  • Show the logo, pictures, coupons as well as the content of the ad.


  • Show the “comment” section with positive testimonials of the business.



A picture is worth a thousand words (Chinese Proverb)

Your demo site is worth many thousands of words. Use a “slide show” or a video of the business service or product for better rankings on Google. Remember your site’s target market: people using smartphones. Keep the videos short and smartphone friendly.


Show how SEO mobile friendly techniques generate traffic

Many mobile devices are using voice activation commands like: “Hey, Siri,” or “Ok, Google.” Use keywords that are easy for voice commands to find. You will need to optimize your landing page, your website, and your content to make it easy for search engines to find it.

Don’t forget to keep the content simple for mobile devices. Keep the videos short and the pictures relevant to the site. That way your advertiser will be impressed with your demo site on their smartphone.


Content in fast forward motion with wind behind it to show movement

Develop a script for your sales pitch:

Now that you have a demo Local Portal Site, it will be easy to develop a pitch loaded with benefits to the advertiser. You need to write a script and practice with it. Know your information thoroughly so you will not be flustered when asked a question in the middle of your pitch.


Here are some suggestions for your sales pitch:

  • Identify all of the benefits of your service and work it into the pitch.


  • State the purpose of the local portal site.


  • Explain the benefit from the traffic your site will (or is) attracting.


  • Ask them to go to your demonstration site (or your actual site if it has been running for awhile) and view the benefits of its simplicity.


  • Another benefit to explain is to show how the site will reach people doing a search with their smartphones.


  • Explaining the cost advantage by contrasting the expense of an ineffective Yellow Page ad and the cost of your own service.


  • Contrast the benefit of smartphone search as compared with Yellow Page searches.


  • Suggest creating a coupon unique to your site so the owner knows the site is generating sales.


  • Explain the benefit of your annual subscription rate over the monthly rate for the Yellow Pages for their business.


  • Explain the benefit of the comment section and how a positive testimonial develops trust with the reader.



Secrets to “Closing the Sale”

Ok, you used your scripted sales pitch. You listened carefully to the reaction from the buyer and the questions. You answered all the questions honestly, and without being pushy. Now you should review all of the benefits of your service.

My marketing professor, Dan Chamberlain, taught the “Secret to Closing the Sale” is to “Ask for the order.”

Yes, most sales pitches fail because the salesperson will not ask for the sale. Be sure you close with the “ask.”




Do you want to read up on the subject of closing the sale? Here is a good book that may help you overcome your fear of failure. It is called “Secrets of a Master Closer: A Simpler, Easier, and Faster Way to Sell Anything to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere,” by Mike Kaplan.

There you have it. Give it a try and leave me a comment below. If you are watching the video, please press “Thumbs Up.” If you are reading this on FaceBook, please click the “Like” button. Thanks.




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