You are Over 50. How Will You Find Time to Work an Online Business?

You are Over 50. How Will You Find Time to Work an Online Business?

Retired? Over 50 and Still Working? Want to Run an Online Business? How to Find the Time



“The bad news is time files. The good new is you’re the pilot” –Michael Alshuler


How many times have we all said, “If only I had more time then I could get more done in my online business?” The solution is not getting more time – we all have the same amount. The key is to manage the time we do have and make it work more effectively for us.



Surprising Ways to Find Time:

Even if you think you don’t have time to take on anything else, you might be surprised to discover how much time you’re actually wasting during the day. You can start an online business whether you hold down a full time job or not. You can do it even if you are retired and enjoy a busy lifestyle.


  1. Misconceptions Concerning Business Start-Ups:


Sometimes when it comes to starting a business, many people have the mental picture that it’s all or nothing – that in order to be their own boss, they have to take the plunge, quit their day job and put all of their effort into building an online business.



  1. Don’t Quit Your Day Job Until You are Prepared:


If you have a day job that pays the bills and provides you with health benefits, keep the job while you work on launching and growing your business part time.



  1. Six Tips to Squeeze Time for Your Business:

Since your business will be online, you’ll be able to access it anywhere. Use this ability to your advantage:


  • You can get up an hour earlier in the mornings to work on your business.


  • You can spend your lunch hour working on the business.


  • If you commute to work via train or other method where someone else is in charge of driving, you can work on it with your smartphone.


  • Give up the hours you spend sitting in front of the television.


  • Give up one hour of sleep at night to work on the business.


  • Work two weekends a month.



4.  Working or Retired, Use Your Time Wisely:


It seems like a lot of time, but if you work it around your day job and stick with it, you can steadily increase your income with the online business until you can comfortably afford to let go of the job you now have.



5.  Be Prepared for the Unexpected:


Unfortunately, life has a tendency to get in the way. You may be at a point when something happens that will cause you to leave your day job. Maybe you were forced into early retirement and you abruptly find yourself having the same forty plus hours you gave at the office to work on your online business.


This is the advantage of having an online business. You can always begin devoting more hours to it right away. If you start out working your online business when you feel like it, you could lose valuable initiative. Let the excitement drive you and propel you forward. Also, keep your mind focused on positive outcomes and don’t dwell on the past. Move forward with constructive work at home business development.



My Father’s Secret to Productivity:


My father would wake me up saying, “Billy, Time to get up. Today is Monday, tomorrow is Tuesday, and the next day is Wednesday. The week’s half gone and you are still in bed! Get up already!” I would jump out of bed before thinking what he said. Today, I try to make every minute count and not waste a moment.


Make every minute count as you work your online business. Remember, today will soon be yesterday and you will not get that opportunity back.




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Make Money Starting a Successful Subscription Website

Make Money Starting a Successful Subscription Website

Online Profits with a Successful Subscription Website


               “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” –Henry Ford


Many of the world’s most profitable websites are subscription websites. Even on a small scale, subscription websites can earn a lot of money for much less work than single-sale websites. This is a passive income strategy that will work for people who are retired and have a passion to share with their audience and customers.


This article discusses all the reasons why you might want to create a subscription website, as well as how to go about doing so.


The Benefits of a Subscription Website


One huge benefit to building a subscription-based website is consistency of income.


Traffic to websites is often inconsistent. If you’re making money from AdSense or advertising, your income could go up or down by as much as 40% on any given month. That makes it very hard to plan a business.


A subscription-based website on the other hand is guaranteed income every month. Even if traffic drops off for a month or two, you still have income from your past subscribers.


Snowball Effect Benefit:


Subscription sites also benefit from the “snowball effect.” Instead of just getting sales, you’re getting subscribers that pay you every month. That means that as time passes, your monthly income is guaranteed to continue increasing as long as you keep getting traffic – even if your traffic numbers don’t increase! Where other webmasters might feel like their earning power is capped, yours will keep growing simply because of your business model.


The Components of a Successful Subscription Website


A successful subscription website needs to have a few ingredients:



  1. Trust:

People need to know you and your company. It helps a lot to build a reputation in your space. Getting someone to pay for something every month is a lot harder than getting a single sale. Trust is a crucial component to making the sale.


  1. Unique Content:

What are you promising that’s worth paying for every month? Make sure that whatever you’re selling, you really offer something that your customers will find valuable.


  1. A Great Sales Pitch:

Start with an explanation of all the benefits of being a member and why they should join.


Getting Started


Starting is easy. All you need is a monthly product to sell and decent copywriting skills.


  1. Create your website: Make sure that your site has enough free content or proof such that people can really get a sense for who you are and the quality of your content.


  1. Processing Payments: You can process your payments using a processor that can handle recurring payments. These include:
    • PayPal
    • Click Bank
    • 1ShoppingCart
    • net.


  1. Drive Traffic: It is necessary to develop a strategy to attract attention to your website. You can drive traffic for free using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This involves using keywords of the most frequent terms that match the subject of your website.


Other methods to drive traffic to your membership site include:

  • PPC (Paid Per Click advertising with Google or Bing).
  • Social Media or through various online communities such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.


  1. Sales Page: Convert people who land on your web page into subscribers through a compelling sales page. Then, as long as you’re driving traffic and providing the monthly content, you get to collect the checks month in and month out.


Membership websites are easy to set up with Word Press and you can operate it the same way you would on your blog. That way you can interact with your members and keep them happy and paying for years to come.


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Generate Cash While Building Your Business: Part II

Six More Ways to Generate Cash While Developing Your Home-Based Business



“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” –Thomas Edison



Look Around You and Find Opportunities to Earn Quick Cash


  1. Have a Yard Sale:


One of the fastest methods of bringing in a little cash is the old-fashioned yard or garage sale. A good source of how to do a sale successfully is the book “ Garage Sale Success Secrets: The Definitive Step-Buy-Step Guide to Turn Your Trash into Cash!” Click here for the link.


Book cover


My neighbor went to a thrift shop event for a local charity. At the end of the evening, he noticed the large selection of donated golf clubs that were still available. He offered $200 for the whole batch. He then cleaned up the clubs, organized them according to groups and age. He had a garage sale advertised on Craig’s List and sold $1,500 worth of golf clubs in one morning.


Another neighbor loves to shop the garage sales. She purchases all kinds of items to decorate her home. Her husband will buy audio books on CDs, and tools. They use the items, and then sponsor a garage sale and generate quick cash in one morning from the same items.


Keep your eyes open all the time. You never know when opportunity knocks.


  1. Sell Your Body:


Seriously, you can sell your blood, plasma, breast milk, and hair to appropriate locations. Selling your blood and plasma is quick. You just need to answer a few questions, give blood and then you are paid right away. With hair, you may have to locate a hair broker, or try selling it on eBay.


  1. Babysit or Dog Sit:


One of the fastest ways to make a buck is to babysit or dog sit. You could call your service “Hire a Grandmother for Babysitting,” or “Grandpa’s Pet Care in your Home.” Tell everyone you know about your service and the your fee. You’ll be amazed at how many people will jump at the chance to hire you.


Here is a great resource book on pet sitting. Cathy Vaughan’s book, “How to Start a Home-Based Pet-Sitting and Dog-Walking Business.” She really knows how to get down to the basics in running this business. She provides a cheat sheet on:


  • Income Log
  • Revenue Table
  • Profit and Loss statement
  • Pre-Service Checklist
  • Service Agreement


I know as a young boy, I used to do this service for pocket money. For years, pet sitting was always the local kid in the neighborhood. But today, retirees who want to make money and love dogs and cats can make decent money providing reliable service. Click here for the book.

Book Cover

Babysitting in the 21st century has changed since I was a teenager. There are a lot of pitfalls and challenges to successfully provide this service for parents afraid for their children’s safety. Refer to the book, “Don’t Sit on the Baby: The Ultimate Guide to Sane, Skilled, and Safe Babysitting,” by Halley Bondy.


She describes the new rules for the times we live in today. She provides good guidelines and business suggestions to ensure safe, reliable service. As a grandparent, you have experience with children. All you need now is to understand the new situations and be prepared to handle them. Click here for the book.


Book Cover



  1. Return Stuff You Don’t Use:


Have you made recent purchases and the tags are still on them? Do you have the receipts? Typically you can take those items back for a full refund. If you’re not using them right now, why not take them back? It could be a quick way to generate cash for your pocket.


  1. Rent Out a Room:


Do you have an extra room or two in your home? You’ll get more money if you rent out the master bedroom offering the renter his or her own bathroom. In some places you can earn close to a grand a month offering a private room and bath.


Take a look at your location. Are you near a college? People find renting out to a graduate student usually is a safe bet. Or maybe you live in a retirement area and can arrange your tenant to use the pool and clubhouse. The TV series, “Golden Girls,” was based the stories on people renting rooms in a house in Florida. It is still a wonderful opportunity today to have a housemate sharing expenses.


  1. Join a Medical Experiment:


Human trials and studies are often conducted right in your area at your local hospital. You can usually find out which studies are being done with a quick search on the net. You’ll be paid for your time, and get free healthcare for the associated issue.


There are always ways to get cash when you need it while you get your business off the ground. It just requires you to set your mind to looking around at what is out there, and thinking of things in a whole new way.

What do you think? Do you have other ideas to generate quick cash? Leave a comment and share it with our readers.



How to Make Money Before You Have Products to Sell

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”  Milton Berle



Four Sure Fire Methods to Earn Cash Now


Let me be the first to congratulate you on your retirement! You may be drawing Social Security benefits to pay for your basic needs. That means you can take a risk and try to make money from your home-based-business. You have the rare luxury of time to develop your business.


When Can I Make Money Online?


It is possible to generate income while you are developing your business.  There are a number of ways in which you can bring in hard cash while you get your business off the ground.


Here are four surefire ways to generate cash now:

  1. Provide a Service:


If you plan to make your own products and sell them, you likely have skills that other people will want to use. Try finding out if anyone needs the type of service you could offer. Perhaps you’re good at graphic design, business administration, teaching a craft, or something else entirely. Put it out there and people may buy your time.


For example, I like to write and did grant applications for several years. I expanded my service to include ghostwriting blogs and website content. I made bids on those gigs through and It is a great feeling to be appreciated and get paid for doing a service you love.


  1. Get a Part-Time Job:


If you can’t wait for your service business to take off, you can get a part-time job. Sign up to be a temp at an agency, or head over to your nearest fast food place and you’re likely to be hired on the spot. Here in The Villages, Florida, retirees serve as receptionists in recreation centers, golf ambassadors, golf pro-shop clerks, and other part time jobs working with the public.


  1. Get a Work-at-Home Job:


There are also work-from-home jobs if you have experience, education and skills. Look for call center work, and you could be bringing in money within the month. Click here for my blog on this topic.


  1. Sell Stuff on eBay:


Do you have too much stuff in your house? Try selling some of it on eBay. You can also buy from garage sales, and then sell the items for a higher price on eBay. Believe it or not, not everyone can shop for sales as well as you can.


I have a neighbor who helps people sell products on eBay. He packages the product for his customer, handles the shipping, and posts the product picture and video on the eBay site. He charges a 15% commission or a flat fee for his service.


A good book is from the publishers of the “Dummies” series. “eBay for Dummies,” ninth edition, by Marsha Collier. It is an excellent guide to starting and running an eBay business. It is a basic “how to” book that is easy to read and find crucial information to help you to successfully build a thriving eBay business. Click here for the book.




  1. Sell Stuff on Amazon:


Here is a good idea. You may not be aware that you can sell your old books and other items that Amazon sells, right from your home office. There are items you can ship to their fulfillment service and you then just collect checks. Look up “Fulfillment by Amazon.”


I bought the book, “Wear Away, The Story of the Marblehead, the Ship that Refused to Sink.” My father served on that ship on that fateful day on February 2, 1942 when the ship was bombed. 68 crewmen died that day. The book is out of print, but somebody had a used library book and sold it to me through Amazon for $15. I am sure the book was purchased for a buck from the library that sold it to make room on their shelves for more recent books.


However, it was worth $15 to me to see what my father never told me that happened on that day, and find out how the ship sailed to New York from Indonesia. It was only through hard work and faith in their Captain that sustained the hope of returning home in wartime. My father was an electrician and had to stand in waist deep water splicing live electric lines to get power to the bridge. The book is an amazing story of the men who sailed in the Navy, facing great odds in the early days of WW II.


The point I am making here is the reseller found a used book and thought somebody may want to buy it. Amazon brought it up on their search engine. They made it very simple to buy the book through my account.


Keep your eyes open. You never know if one person’s trash it another person’s treasure.


There you have it. Four great ways to generate quick cash while you are building your home-based business. Stay tuned for part two in this series.



Misconceptions About Retirees

Misconceptions about Retirees



People think that a person retires after working 30 to 40 years with a company or the government, and will receive with a gold watch and a nice pension. The retiree rides off into the sunset with his/her RV and then dies after 5 years.


Nothing could be farther from the truth. Here are some statistics from Senator Nelson’s Subcommittee on Aging 2012 report.


  1. 50% of households receiving Social Security benefits have an annual income of $17,000 or less.


  1. 80% of households on Social Security benefits have an annual income of $36,000 or less.


  1. People over the age of 80 are falling into poverty at an 8% rate every year.


Clearly, it is a challenge to live on this income with the high cost of living in the USA.


Now, let’s look at Pensions.


Today, just 17% of the workforce are covered by a defined benefit pension plan, most of whom are government employees or Union workers. Contracts are changing and unions are accepting 401k benefits.


The average IRA amount is just $40,000. It is difficult to retire on that amount.


Baby Boomers are people who were born between 1946 to 1966. It is the largest bulge affecting the economic, cultural, and political energy in America over the last 60 years.


Baby Boomers are redefining retirement lifestyle. We would rather wear out, not rust out. We are living longer, and enjoy better health than our parents or grandparents.


We flooded the schools, the workplace, and impacted public policy. We are very competitive because we had to be. Classrooms were overcrowded, and we flooded the workplace. We had to work harder and longer hours to keep our jobs. As a result, we continue being competitive in retirement.


Some want to work outside of the home. Others want to work at home jobs. Still others want to develop a home-based business.


This blog is designed to help people who want to make money from home and supplement their retirement income.



Bill Hall

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