Australia Supports Home-Based-Businesses with Radio, Website, and more!

Home-Based-Business in the News: Internet Radio Dedicated to Home-Based Businesses Available Now



The Australian Home Based Business Network, was launched in February 2016, by two local businessmen, Tony Eades and Jim Taggart. The network has over 500 members and attracted the support of leading advertisers like Westpac, TAFE, and Zurich Insurance.


The Internet radio station is unique in its support of home-based businesses and broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is free to the public and can be accessed by clicking this link:


The station features pleasant music with an hourly news bulletin by Air News. This news service is also unique in that it uses a home-based studio, quality sound cards and microphones. It links the various presenters around Australia into the system.


The studio for the morning news is at the home studio of Station Director Artie Stevens in Aspendale. The afternoon broadcast is from the north suburb of Melbourne. The news is focused on trends that impact home based businesses.


There are features on developing a business, family support, tax implications, and marketing tips. Also, the radio features interviews with successful home-based business operators. The HBB Network’s website also has features and an extensive knowledge base for this audience.


Here are three snapshots of the article:



Here is the link to the entire article.


There you have it. Australia has really reached out to home based business owners with support in the HBB Network, the internet radio station and the website.

Do you know of any other Home Based Business networks in your area? Do you know of a dedicated radio service for Home Based Business owners? Drop me a line and let me know.

We need to get our nation and local area to support us in our quest for financial support in our retirement.

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