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“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”

Thomas Edison, Electric Light Bulb Inventor


The most successful news sites or blog sites are highly targeted with a narrow focus for a specific type of person. Specific sites are more likely to attract search engine traffic due to the specific topics covered. These sites are more likely to get passed along within a community of like-minded people. With a clearly defined audience coveted by advertisers, the blog can attract higher-paying advertisers than more generic websites.


Steps to Set Up a News Blog

Here’s how to start a targeted news blog site.

  1. Select a Specific Topic or Area of Interest

The more specific you can get, the better. Instead of “online business” which is a hugely crowded market, a much more specific website would be a blog about “raising venture capital for an online business.”

You can also target specific locations. For example, “San Francisco Restaurant Blog” has a very good chance of making its way around the SF foodie network. It would also be popular with people who travel and want to know what is available in the location.

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  1. Stay on Top of Current Events in Your Field

It’s crucial if you’re blogging about a specific interest that you stay on top of the industry. There are a few ways to do this.

  • Subscribe to RSS feeds from various blogs in your industry. Whenever a piece of news hits one of these blogs, you should be the first to know.


  • Use a news and website aggregator like “Your Version” to stay on top of non-blog websites.


  • Set Up a Google Alert for your topic. This is similar to a news clipping service that leads you to the latest article published on the web.



  1. Write with Personality and Insight

Let your personality out and let your thoughts be known. In many markets, what’s being talked about has been beaten to death so many times that people choose blogs based more on the personality than the news they carry.

Of course, you still have to provide Grade A content. This often comes in the form of your own personal insights rather than just facts. One great example is the “Rich Jerk” website. The Rich Jerk isn’t teaching anything that the Internet marketing community doesn’t know. In fact, it’s very basic information. But his personality is so interesting and so insulting that people can’t help but read the entire website – and by that time feel like they have to buy.



  1. Apply Proven Marketing Techniques


Make your website search engine friendly. Start building an email list. Find other people in your industry that would be willing to work with you and share joint information that both audiences would appreciate


Make Money with Your Online News Blog


There are several ways to generate revenues to your site.

  • Add Google AdSense: This is a good beginning by letting Google, Bing or other services place an ad on your blog. When people click onto the ad, you get paid. Rates vary according to the keyword.


  • Sell ad placement on a prominent site in a specific industry: For example, if you own a health website, you might be getting $5 for every click through rate (CPM) from Google. But an advertiser who sees your site as good branding to be associated with might be willing to pay as much as $15 CPM – sometimes more.


  • Sell Banner Ads “Above the Fold:” This term harks back to newspapers where the most visible ad appeared above where the newspaper is folded. For blogs, the area is immediately after the heading. These advertisers are willing to pay a monthly rate for a specified period of time.


Starting a targeted news or blog site is a great way to build a solid reputation in an industry. You can make more money than a broader website, with less work to boot.



Watch for the new series on Blogging for Retirees, a series to help retirees start and make money online with a blog.

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