“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”  Milton Berle



Four Sure Fire Methods to Earn Cash Now


Let me be the first to congratulate you on your retirement! You may be drawing Social Security benefits to pay for your basic needs. That means you can take a risk and try to make money from your home-based-business. You have the rare luxury of time to develop your business.


When Can I Make Money Online?


It is possible to generate income while you are developing your business.  There are a number of ways in which you can bring in hard cash while you get your business off the ground.


Here are four surefire ways to generate cash now:

  1. Provide a Service:


If you plan to make your own products and sell them, you likely have skills that other people will want to use. Try finding out if anyone needs the type of service you could offer. Perhaps you’re good at graphic design, business administration, teaching a craft, or something else entirely. Put it out there and people may buy your time.


For example, I like to write and did grant applications for several years. I expanded my service to include ghostwriting blogs and website content. I made bids on those gigs through Guru.com and Outsource.com. It is a great feeling to be appreciated and get paid for doing a service you love.


  1. Get a Part-Time Job:


If you can’t wait for your service business to take off, you can get a part-time job. Sign up to be a temp at an agency, or head over to your nearest fast food place and you’re likely to be hired on the spot. Here in The Villages, Florida, retirees serve as receptionists in recreation centers, golf ambassadors, golf pro-shop clerks, and other part time jobs working with the public.


  1. Get a Work-at-Home Job:


There are also work-from-home jobs if you have experience, education and skills. Look for call center work, and you could be bringing in money within the month. Click here for my blog on this topic.


  1. Sell Stuff on eBay:


Do you have too much stuff in your house? Try selling some of it on eBay. You can also buy from garage sales, and then sell the items for a higher price on eBay. Believe it or not, not everyone can shop for sales as well as you can.


I have a neighbor who helps people sell products on eBay. He packages the product for his customer, handles the shipping, and posts the product picture and video on the eBay site. He charges a 15% commission or a flat fee for his service.


A good book is from the publishers of the “Dummies” series. “eBay for Dummies,” ninth edition, by Marsha Collier. It is an excellent guide to starting and running an eBay business. It is a basic “how to” book that is easy to read and find crucial information to help you to successfully build a thriving eBay business. Click here for the book.




  1. Sell Stuff on Amazon:


Here is a good idea. You may not be aware that you can sell your old books and other items that Amazon sells, right from your home office. There are items you can ship to their fulfillment service and you then just collect checks. Look up “Fulfillment by Amazon.”


I bought the book, “Wear Away, The Story of the Marblehead, the Ship that Refused to Sink.” My father served on that ship on that fateful day on February 2, 1942 when the ship was bombed. 68 crewmen died that day. The book is out of print, but somebody had a used library book and sold it to me through Amazon for $15. I am sure the book was purchased for a buck from the library that sold it to make room on their shelves for more recent books.


However, it was worth $15 to me to see what my father never told me that happened on that day, and find out how the ship sailed to New York from Indonesia. It was only through hard work and faith in their Captain that sustained the hope of returning home in wartime. My father was an electrician and had to stand in waist deep water splicing live electric lines to get power to the bridge. The book is an amazing story of the men who sailed in the Navy, facing great odds in the early days of WW II.


The point I am making here is the reseller found a used book and thought somebody may want to buy it. Amazon brought it up on their search engine. They made it very simple to buy the book through my account.


Keep your eyes open. You never know if one person’s trash it another person’s treasure.


There you have it. Four great ways to generate quick cash while you are building your home-based business. Stay tuned for part two in this series.



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