“Thunder Dog: The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog, and the Triumph of Trust,” by Michael Hingson.     Click here for the Book.



The Key to Getting Things Done

The Key to Getting Things Done is to follow the advice of Rosie, the Thunder Dog.


Rosie was a yellow Labrador retriever who was trained as a “seeing eye” dog for the blind. Her handler, Mike, was in the North Tower World Trade Building on 9/11. He describes his adventure that day in vivid detail. Rosie was truly a hero because she did her job well and saved Mike’s life.


Guide dogs are trained to move forward on command. When her harness is on her back, she will go to her handler and sit quietly by his or her side. Mike grabbed the leather harness and Rosie stood at attention. He gave the command, “Forward.”


She guided Mike down two hallways and into the “sky lobby” on the 78th Floor. Confusion was rampant but Rosie moved forward and led Mike to the door entering the stairwell. She led Mike to the edge of the stairs and waited for him to get oriented and grab the stair handle on the wall. Rosie was to his left waiting patiently.


Mike said, “Forward.” She led him down 78 flights of stairs. She was alert for objects above Mike that could jut out and hit him on the heard. She watched for people pushing past Mike and kept him steady on the steps. She led him out of the North Tower before it collapsed.


What is the key lesson? Move Forward.


Don’t wait for the right moment to act. Don’t tell yourself you will wait until conditions are perfect for your project. Don’t wait for that “Aha” moment. Don’t wait because you want to watch TV and sleep in your chair all day.


In order to “get things done,” you have to ACT! You will never have the perfect moment. Get over it. What you do now by acting in the present moment is going to be much better than doing nothing.


After all, Rosie got Mike out of that building safely!


My new motto to end a blog post is “Forward!”


Leave a comment on what you think about this blog and video. I am trying out this new (to me) medium in the hopes of helping you move forward and start working form home.


Thanks for watching.


Key Resource:


“Thunder Dog: The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog, and the Triumph of Trust,” by Michael Hingson. Click here for the Book.




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