Why Use Keywords in the Domain Name of Your Online Home Based Business?




The domain name is your address on the Information Highway. It is like the address on the street in the city you operate your shop. It is the same on the Internet.

Using Keywords in your domain name is the same as the real estate maxim: “Location, Location, Location” are the top three reasons real estate sells.

Careful consider your name and try to incorporate it into your business name. Keep it short and easy for your customers to remember.

Home Business for People who are Retired and Want to Earn Money from Home.com is much too long for people to remember. Home Business for Retirees is better but it was taken. So I used a form of “business” for people to remember: “Biz.” It is slang but it works.

Other tips is to rearrange your title or simple add your name to a popular title. Best Home Businesses on the Internet.com is already used. But Bill’s Best Home Based Business on the internet would work.

Use the search bar in the domain company to suggest possible titles. You also have a choice to use “.com” or other addresses. Here are a few:






and the list continues. Try to use “.com” as it is the most common name that people can remember.

Key Resource:  “Domain Names for Dummies.” Click here for the book.




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