Tips to Hear Better in Noise


Samsung Sound Bar Model HW-D360 2.1 Channel 130 Watts


If model is not available, here is the page listing the latest Samsung Sound Bar: 

Question: I cannot hear conversations in a movie or TV show because the music drowns out the speech. What can I do?

Answer: I have the same problem and it is frustrating to see people talking and only hear the music or the background traffic noise.


I discovered that the Samsung Sound Bar has the ability to enhance the speech from the background noise. It has a computer program that increases the speech signal over the background music and noise. It is also good for music and stadium sound effects. But I use the “talk” program that makes the speech louder than the background noise. Above is the Samsung Sound Bar model and a link to to learn more about it. If the model is not available, I have the link to the Samsung Sound Bar page.


It works for me. I hope this will help you. My friend just wrote that it is really a pleasure to watch movies on TV again.


Question: How do I hear in noise with a severe hearing loss?

Answer: I have the same problem. I used to use a Phonak Handimic fifteen years ago, but when I got the Cochlear Implant, I lost that ability to use it. I went to HearUSA and worked with Dr. Rosier to solve my problem. I am blind and cannot read lips any more. Parties are too dark for me to see. I feel very alone.


She found that Phonak doesn’t make a receiver for my brand of Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant. But they do have the MicroLink. It is a FM receiver equipped with an induction loop. I wear it around my neck and turn on the “T” or Telephone switch and hear through the induction loop. See video for a demonstration.


Then I have a Rogers Pen. The name came from the term “Roger That.” It is the size of a pen. The computer in the pen determines the noise and how to raise the speech signal greater than the noise. It increases the signal-to-noise ratio to enhance the speech. When the pen is aimed at the person, it narrows the beam to pick up their speech.


When the pen is flat, it becomes omnidirectional picking up sounds in a 20-foot radius. I can put the pen on the other end of a long conference table and hear the speaker at that end. I wish it had been available for my board meetings at Charlotte Speech and Hearing Center.


When noise is present, the microphone reduces the radius to ten feet, suitable for a table of four. It adds the signal to noise ratio and I can hear conversations in a restaurant. Now, I enjoy having a conversation at parties and restaurants.


The Rogers Pen and Phonak MicroLink are available at your Phonak supplier. You can go see Dr. Danielle Rosier at HearUSA at Sumter Landing, here in The Villages, Florida. She can help you, as she helped me.


Question: Should I Wear a Hearing Aid to Prevent my Hearing from Getting Worse?

Answer: Did that salesperson say that with a straight face?

No. Hearing Aids makes sounds louder not prevent from losing more hearing. Not wearing a hearing aid will not cause greater hearing loss.


Advances in hearing aid technology are wonderful and I will cover that in future blogs.


I hope this will help you overcome difficulty with hearing in noise. I know it will help you to develop a home-based business when you are retired.


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