Five Ways to Earn Money from Your Blog


“Survival can be summed up in three words:                Never Give Up! Just keep trying.”                                                                        Bear Grylls


If we’re going to talk about profit from blogging in the next series of posts, we’d better start with the most important discussion of all.


How do you make money from your blog?

When I retired, I tried starting a blog but failed to make a go of it. I read several books and found several authors who were quite knowledgeable about blogging. Jason Wolf is one of them and he published Blogging Blackbook: Everything you need to Know About Blogging from Beginner to Expert.


I tried several times to start a blog. I failed mostly because I couldn’t develop enough ideas to keep them going. However, all of my research on blogging and making money online led to

Jason Wolf’s book, “Blogging Blueprint,” was instrumental in helping me to develop this blog and find a way to make money from home.


I developed a plan, and then I worked the plan. Then I discovered you have to have an idea of how to make money with the blog. This article will help you to think about what you would like to do to monetize your blog.


To give you some ideas, here are five straightforward ways you can earn money from you blog:

  1. Sell Advertising:

Many bloggers capitalize on their traffic by selling advertising for their blog. This works well for high traffic blogs that can attract high paying advertisers. It is often the choice of bloggers who don’t want to do any selling on their blog and want to focus solely on content. Still, there is selling involved in attracting advertisers and there is plenty of work involved in serving advertising clients.


  1. Affiliate Marketing:

A common choice for many is to go the affiliate marketing route by earning commission through recommending products. Many bloggers place ads in their side bars, at the bottom of posts and so forth, but the affiliates who make the most money make product recommendations directly to their audience. They write about products, recommend relevant products in their posts and so forth.

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This blog is an example of affiliate marketing. I do not use Google ads on this site because the “home-based business” term attracts a lot of “scam” offers. The products I recommend are not “scams” and I try to offer good ideas to help you develop your online business.


  1. Product Sponsorship:

Sponsorship is a similar concept to advertising, but in many cases, no money exchanges hands. Instead, bloggers are treated to free products in return for mentioning their product, running a giveaway and so forth. Many large and small companies are actively looking for the opportunity to reach their target audience through bloggers, so there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy a variety of perks.


  1. Sponsored Posts:

Like successful bloggers, many companies understand that the most premium ad space on a blog is the blog post itself. Sure, you can put ad banners in your sidebar, but those are most likely to be ignored because people focus on your content. That’s why many companies are willing to pay for the opportunity to post on your blog. Sponsored posts are usually more commercial in nature, but as the blog owner, you ultimately decide which posts you will accept and which you won’t.


  1. Bolster Your Product Sales:

If you already have an existing online business where you sell your own products such as necklaces and bracelets, a blog can be the perfect complement to this. Engaging your audience, building a more loyal relationship and educating them on your product is a win-win for everyone.


If you are hesitant to write articles on your products, consider outsourcing the writing to a freelancer. I offer blog content development on my business website, Hall Content Click here to view the site or use the contact form above this page.


Certainly, this isn’t an exhaustive list of the possible ways to profit from a blog because every blogger and business is different, but it gives you plenty of ideas to get started.

Key Resource:


Blogging Blackbook: Everything You Need to Know About Blogging from Beginner to Expert, by Jason Wolf. Click here for the book.


Stay tuned for part two on making money with your blog. What do you think? Write a comment below and let me know your thoughts.




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