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“Success is not final, Failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”–Winston Churchill


One strategy in developing passive income is to focus on making money on our online business through sales of products and services. When we are retired, we can pace ourselves in developing websites, blogs and information products to sell to our audience. This article is the first of a series to generate ideas on what you can do to create passive income.


Become a Niche Affiliate Marketer

There are many products already created that you can promote on your website or blog. If you do not have a website, there is another way to reach your audience. You can post articles on “authority” sites such as and You can also post articles on social media such as Facebook and YouTube.


Understanding SEO techniques will help search engines find information easily and quickly. An authority site will gain immediate creditability with Google.

There is one disadvantage to this method. You do not have control over the length of time your blog will be posted. It can be taken down at any time.

Accordingly, it is better to develop your own blog and become an authority site as you add content to the blog. This method takes longer, but you have complete control over your content postings.


How to find Products to Sell

Affiliate networks have the ability to provide a product for you to sell and keep track of your sales and commissions. Here are a few of the top affiliate networks:

  • ClickBank
  • JVzoo
  • Warrior Forum
  • Commission Junction
  • Share-A-Sale
  • Amazon Affiliates

These programs are reliable and highly rated by affiliates. They provide a unique link to the product you are promoting and use “cookies” to track your sales and calculate your commission. While the commission rates vary by network, the end result is you will receive a check for your efforts in persuading your readers to buy the product.


This blog, Home Biz for is an example of an affiliate site. I write content explaining a topic that is useful for my readers. I provide information useful to create, operate and market home based and online businesses.


I may recommend a book or product relating to one of the subjects. I point out the sections useful for retirees seeking to develop their home-based business. Then I add the affiliate link and make it easy for the reader to click through to the product page.


The commission does not affect the price for the product I recommend. Amazon Affiliate program will pay a 4% commission. Since I try to recommend books that cost less than ten dollars, my commission amounts to pennies. But as traffic to my blog increases, so do the pennies. Like snow during a snowfall, it will accumulate.


Warning: Steep Learning Curve Ahead

I became intrigued several years ago with the potential of affiliate sale commissions. I devoured books on Kindle trying to understand how to do the “simple formula” to generate affiliate income.

Take my advice: It is not simple.

It takes time and effort to understand how to make money online. I took several courses and finally found one that I can recommend to you.

Key Resource:

Tiffany Lambert has been an affiliate marketer for several years and did an “Affiliate Marketing Challenge” last January.

Here is what you get:

  • Thirty video lessons showing you her step-by-step method to create relevant content for your audience.
  • How to set up a blog using a host server, domain name and WordPress.
  • How to create the blog with a good free theme, and key tools to make the blog easy for your readers to use.
  • How to brainstorm your topic using keyword search tools.
  • How to find products to sell from ClickBank and
  • How to create content that converts to sales.
  • How to brainstorm topics and headlines in less than fifteen minutes.
  • How to obtain affiliate links to gain commission sales.
  • Why you should post a “disclaimer” or “notice” that your site is an affiliate marketing site.
  • Tiff will do a review of your website or blog and offer suggestions to make the content stronger and appealing to your readers.
  • She will “hold your hand” while you work the methods to create a great blog.

While the live challenge is over, she is still reviewing her student’s content and corresponds with you by email. I believe that personal attention is similar to your teacher in the classroom helping you along the way. Her suggestions to improve my blog and the content were extremely helpful.

I am “tech-challenged.” I don’t know how to write code or design a website. Yet, Tiff was able to show me how to overcome my fears and launch this blog.

It was a great experience for me. I have been trying to create a successful blog for four years now. In thirty days, this “over the hill” blogger climbed a very steep learning curve and reached the top with the blog you are now reading. Amazing!

I am working my way through Tiff’s “List Building Challenge.” You will see that project come to fruition in the near future. Once it is up and running, I will write about my experience.

I am sure you will also want to check this “challenge” today. Click here and start building your online business today.





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