Town economic development department helping home-based Businesses.

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People who run a home-based business tend to be single and operating it alone. These “Solopreneurs” have unique challenges to succeed in the marketplace. One big challenge is they are operating in isolation and may not be interacting with the community.

Each home-based business owner must wear many hats during their workday. Finding the time to do everything is a challenge in itself. Being an expert in every phase of developing a business is almost overwhelming.


The Hamden Department of Economic And Community Development decided to support this crucial sector of the town’s economy. The home-based solopreneur is now recognized as an industry sector. What does this mean? It means the town will devote resources to support this sector.


They found 25 home-based businesses ranging from landscapers, financial services, web designers and Counselors and invited them to a meeting. Initial topics included a review of necessary permits, assessing personal property for tax purposes, and tips on marketing and advertising.


The meeting room was packed with enthusiastic business owners. The attendees described the opportunity to meet solopreneurs in a networking environment. New topics were developed for future meetings.

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Members said their challenges are different from small businesses and it was nice to gain information tailored to help them. They felt that the town appreciated them and welcomed the support. People interviewed felt the meeting was “great for networking and provided a social outlet for people facing similar challenges.”


Here is a snapshot of the article:

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There you have it. If you were wondering if having a home-based business is a passing fad or a pipe dream, think again. The Hamden community development people now recognize that solopreneurs like us deserve support and recognition.

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Three cheers for Hamden! We need other communities to recognize and support our efforts to run home-based businesses.

Do you know of other communities supporting people like us? Send me an email and I will report it here on this blog.




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