Improve Your Search Engine Results Page (SERP} with Social Interaction

“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.” –Margaret Heffernan


The more people interact and engage with your content, the better. Create interesting, targeted and valuable content and you will get a lot more interaction and engagement from your audience.

The following are the types of things that signal interaction to the search engines.


Click-Through Rates

The more people who click through the links that you offer on social media through email, in ads, and other avenues, the higher up in the SERPs your website or blog will appear. Due to the popularity of the link, the search engines will assume that the website and content are wanted by an audience since they are linking.


Bounce Rate

If a lot of people go to your website and bounce right off, that is a sign to the search engine that your website is somehow lacking and it will lower the ranking of your website substantially. Here are some issues to address:

  • Slow loading pages
  • A site that’s not mobile
  • Using “click bait” to get clicks that are irrelevant.

These are just a few examples to fix the problem. Click here for a book to help you.



Direct Traffic Rate

How many people come to your website directly without coming in through a landing page, an article or other link? If people type in your domain name often and automatically, that is a sign that your site is popular and authoritative.


Repeat Traffic Rate

How many people come back to your website again and again to read your content? This is important because if it’s often, that means your website is a reliable source of news for your audience.

search engine traffic

Chrome Bookmarks

Google keeps track of Chrome bookmarks. If your website is marked frequently, then it means it’s important to your audience. That may boost your SERPs a little bit and you won’t even realize it’s happening. By making your website more interesting and targeted to your audience, people will bookmark it.


Number of Comments

When people make comments of substance on your blog posts, it means that your content is thought provoking, especially when there are multiple comments. The more comments, the higher the content will appear in the SERPs.


Dwell Time

This is how long people stay on your website. You want people to stick around on the website and use your content. The longer they do, the better your website looks to the search engines and the higher you’ll be ranked.



Comments, clicking on links, and using the tools to get more interaction on your blogs, websites, social media sites and communities, will help advance the idea that you are an expert and your website is authoritative. This will then raise your search engine ranking.

51soPBdNWUL._SX358_BO1,204,203,200_Key Resource:

“Wordpress Website SEO Keywords for Beginners: Plugins, Secrets, Success Tips, Basics, Where to Start,” by John Carlin.

This book is designed for beginners who are starting out with their blog. It covers the keys listed on this post. If you need good examples and a step-by-step plan, this is the book that can get you started. Click here for the book.


Keep these indicators in mind as you work on the SEO for your website or blog. If you think in terms of how you can better interact with your audience and provide interesting and informative content to them, your SEO will be more effective.




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