You May Be Retired, But You Must Keep Learning

“When you are finished changing, you are finished.”

–Benjamin Franklin

Small business owners want to have a website that gets results. Making money online depends on attracting prospects, bringing in leads and converting visitors into customers are just some of the goals for making money on line. It is the “Prime Directive” for your business.

But, like most things with technology, there are always changes taking place. It’s important to keep abreast of these issues even if you’re not a web designer. One such issue is the need for a responsive website design. Here’s why that’s so important.


– A responsively designed website will be easier to use for the visitors than one that isn’t. A responsive design is clean, has useable menu options, and uses all the technology available for one-click calls, one-click emails, and more. A website optimized for mobile will work better than others.


Mobile Web Growth

– Mobile internet has grown by over 400 percent in the last two years and is going to continue to grow. However, it’s not going to replace other types of devices. In fact, people are becoming multi-device users. They use their phone, their tablets, and their PC interchangeably.


SEO (Site Engine Optimization)

Having a responsive website is one of the best things you can do for your search engine optimization. The reason is that most search engines give a higher return of responsive sites as results in searches. Plus, responsive websites are easier to use and simply work better.


Avoid Flash

It’s important to be careful about using Flash on your desktop version of your website, but you should never use it if you want your website to be responsible. When you embed videos in your website, this can be an issue. Be sure to use a plugin that enables you to deliver the video to both mobile users and desktop users.


Stop Using Pop-Ups

It’s true that they do work great to convert on your desktop. But, you need to ensure that you set them up not to try to deliver to a mobile device, because they simply don’t work on mobile devices.


Consider the Fingers

Remember that people using mobile devices are typically using their finger to click their choices. Design buttons and drop downs with that in mind, giving plenty of finger room and differentiation between choices.

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Create Optimized Page Titles

Even on mobile, each page needs a good page title. You want to avoid titles that are drawn out and confusing. Use keywords in the titles, and keep them short when possible.


Optimize Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions for mobile need to be short; in fact keep it to 120 characters or less. This will ensure that Google and other search engines are getting the most information in the best way.


Hire a Web Designer or Use a Good WordPress Theme

If you want more visitors and repeat visitors, it’s important to keep these things in your radar. Even if you’re not a web designer, you’ll need to stay informed. You can hire a good web designer or simply use the right self-hosted WordPress themes.

Home Biz for Retirees has a responsive website that works well on mobile devices. Elegant Themes has more than 60 themes for a low annual fee. Their customer service is excellent and they helped me with setting up this website. Click here for more information.


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