Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing


One of the books I read that made sense was written by Vick Carley, “Affiliate Marketing 2015.” 

I am a retired Baby Boomer struggling to understand how to run an online home-based business. The learning curve can be challenging for a “tech newbie” to master. But the Internet offers quite a few options on how to make money on the World Wide Web.


Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

There are several options to monetize a website. I discovered that affiliate marketing is an effective means to sell other people’s products and collect a commission on the sale. I found this book offers a complete blueprint on what is involved in this business model.


What is “Call to Action?

The author describes how the best affiliate marketer persuades readers to a “call to action” to buy the product.

The best way to sell the product is to offer the reader valuable information that is interesting and applicable to solve a problem. Then the writer develops a gentle, persuasive tone to encourage the reader to click the link. The rest is up to the seller’s landing page to persuade them to buy the product.


How an Affiliate Link Works

The question is, “How can the seller keep track of the sale and ensure the commission is paid”. “Cookies” make this business model effective. They create unique links assigned to the seller and ensure a commission is paid accordingly.


A Blueprint for Success

The book is a complete study on affiliate marketing and how you can benefit from this business model. It really will help you understand this new world that didn’t exist twenty years ago. Click here to buy the book.



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