9 Places to Find Contractors

“I learned the value of hard work by working hard.”

–Margaret Mead

As a retiree operating your home-based businesses, you should consider hiring contractors who have the expertise to help you operate your business. It is cost effective and will save you time. After all, we want to limit our work time so we can enjoy our retirement

Where Do You Find Qualified Contractors?

It is not difficult to find contractors and there are many places on the Web that link employers with freelance contractors. There are thousands of people who want to work from home performing just about any business service you need for your online or off-line business.

Here are nine websites to find freelance contractors:U

  1. Upwork.com:

Upwork.com has been updating and organizing its platform to make it simple to find and screen qualified workers. You simply list the type of work you require and request bids for the job. Each contractor will submit a bid describing their fees and their experience. You can check the ratings that other employers posted for that particular bidder.

To protect you even further, you pay the contractor through the website’s platform, which holds the money until you release it when the job is completed. That allows you to ensure the job was actually accomplished to your satisfaction.

No Freedom Allowed

Angry Time Clock Controls Your Freedom

The site also developed a way to log hourly workers, much like a time clock. Contractors working from their computer log into the site, which then tracks their actual time on the computer. The site also can show a video of the person sitting in front of the computer! The video camera operates on a random basis, which is a good way to monitor the work.

This mechanism ensures honesty and minimizes risk of scams, while allowing   Virtual Assistants to charge an hourly rate for their services. Other contractors may prefer to charge by the hour as well.

In addition, Upwork.com will mediate any payment issues.

Contractors who are listed as “Professional” pay to be listed on the site and then pay a commission on their earnings. Remember, their bidding is based on this expense.

  1. Guru.com:

This service is similar to Upwork.com, and it works the same way. You find people by posting your listing, and freelancers will submit bids for jobs. Again, you can check the ratings and the previous work history of the bidder. Guru.com holds the money until released by the employer, therefore protecting both parties from fraudulent activity.

Freelancers pay a yearly fee to use Guru.com’s bidding system. They also pay a commission to Guru on their earnings. In return, Guru tries to ensure the employer is legitimate. I got stung once because I didn’t insist on payment to Guru.com. Lesson learned!


  1. TaskArmy. com:

This site is a little different because outsourcers don’t bid on jobs, but you’ll likely find a more competent and experienced bidder on this type of site. Freelancers pay a higher premium to be listed and must demonstrate proficiency with test ratings.

This is not a site for “cheap” rates. This site attempts to provide quality service providers who earn their higher fees.

  1. Rent-a-Coder.com:

This is one of the oldest job sites on the Internet. Mostly you’re going to find offshore help in the technology area. If you want someone to build you an app, this is a great place to find that person.

    1. TaskRabbit.com:

This platform prides itself on having outsourcers who have been properly vetted, so you know you can trust them. You’ll first sign up for an account, then list your task, wait for responses and then choose someone.

  1. WriterHelpWantedcom:

This is a membership website for writers, and they also accept listings for free from people who are searching for writers. You should list your price range, and as much information as you can for the position. Freelance writers use this site, especially during their “slow” periods or if they are starting out building their client list.

woman working from home

7.  VANetwork.com

This is a membership community for virtual assistants who provide high quality service. If you need a VA to do any manner of tasks, from technical to basic, you can find them here.

Click here for a post on what services a VA can provide online for employers.

  1. Newspaper Ads:

You can actually post for a contractor to do various projects right in your local newspaper. Today there are many virtual workers in all cities in all states and countries who would be thrilled to apply for local work. Believe it or not, a classified ad in a newspaper is still a viable means of communication.

  1. Online Job Boards:

You can even list your opening for a contractor on any online job board that exists. The trick is to ensure that you write up the listing clearly and concisely, and are specific about what you want and what you’re willing to pay.

Bonus Tip: Look in Your Own Backyard

You can find people who want to work from home as a contractor right in your backyard. Here in The Villages, there are literally thousands of retired administrative assistants, teachers, office workers, and administrators who would love to work from home and serve you online. Ask your neighbors if they know someone and check them out. I hired an administrative assistant two years ago and her performance was impressive.

Do you have a favorite way to recruit contractors? Send me a message using the contact form above and I will develop a follow up report to share your experience.





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