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Dateline: Manila Bulletin reports on five summer jobs students in the Philippines can use to earn money while on their summer break from school. The ideas shared in this report could serve to trigger inspiration for starting a home-based business after retirement.

Baking Treats 

The article reports several ideas that could be used by retirees seeking to supplement their income. They include baking treats such as cupcakes and selling them to customers in your location. Neighbors, businesses and office parks are all areas that will buy treats to eat during their coffee breaks.

Online Business

Selling products on-line is a favorite business start-up as reported here on the Home Biz for Retirees blog. Click here for a book review on “Making Money from Home.”

Lemonade Stand

The article also covers starting a business in a park or popular shopping area selling “iced juice.” I know my nieces and nephews worked during the summer working for Orange Julius and this could be a good franchise to investigate. Smoothies are popular now with all age groups. Don’t forget to check with your local government what you need to do to be in compliance with State and Local laws.

Here is a snapshot of the article:

Screenshot 2016-04-20 12.56.56

Click here to read the full article.

There you have it. An article from the Philippines encouraging young people to start a business to earn money during the summer is certainly worth reading. The ideas suggested could develop into a full time business for them. Maybe you will get some ideas to develop your own home-based business.

That’s not news, but it is reality.




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