“Don’t blame the marketing department.

The buck stops with the chief executive.”

John D. Rockefeller

Why You Never Stop Marketing


As a home business owner you need to continuously market your business. There is a saying for all businesses and it is “always be marketing.”

Quit marketing at your own peril. Even if you think you have enough clients or customers today, you may not a month from now. Therefore the marketing you do today will pay off tomorrow.


John D. Rockefeller, the man who created Standard Oil and dominated the market, knew the truth about who is at fault when sales slumps. It is the CEO. Don’t find yourself starving because you neglected to communicate the benefits you offer your customers. Studies show that it takes 6 to 21 contacts before a customer will take action and purchase a product or service. That is the essence of why we should never stop marketing.


never give up

Ten Marketing Tips:

Take a look at these online marketing tips to communicate to your customers what you want them to know.

marketing tools

  1. Know Your Goals:

You need to start by clearly defining your goals. Each type of marketing that you do will be designed for a different goal.


  1. Evaluate Where You Are:

Determine where you are now in terms of your content and all aspects of your marketing. Punch up the things that need to be punched up and pull back on the things that need pulling back.




  1. Use Appropriate Tags:

Meta tags and header tags are still important when it comes to getting attention for your website from search engines. Check everything to ensure that all your tags are set.


  1. Learn to Understand Your Analytics:

Whether it’s Google Analytics or social network analytics, it’s important to familiarize yourself with them. It is necessary so that you can use them to improve your marketing efforts. No matter how small the business you have, understanding the metrics can help you tremendously.


  1. Join the Chamber of Commerce:

That might seem like weird advice for online marketing, but usually you can end up on their online list which can give a credible link back to your website.


  1. Get to Know Your Competition:

Always get to know who your competition is and what they’re doing. You don’t want to copy them, but you can get ideas from them on what type of marketing works. Plus, you can look at their offerings and figure out how you can make them better. This is free enterprise system at its best: Compete by developing a better message and getting customers.




  1. Improve Your Website:

Once you build your website and it works, you’ll be super happy and believe you are finished. But, when it comes to websites, you have to keep updating them continuously. Improve your Site Engine Optimization (SEO), improve the layout, and keep improving the content. Nobody will read boring content. It must be compelling, informative, and yes, even entertaining. Check out my website here and let me help you improve your website marketing with original content.



  1. Post Videos Online:

A great way to move offline activity into online activity is to post videos online. Post them on YouTube, Facebook, and your blog. People love watching short videos from one to three minutes long.



  1. Post Images Online

Still images are a big hit online too. Post a few pictures of the “day in the life” of your work and you’ll be more relatable to your peers and to your customers as well. It’s a good way to tie in different events to your products and services.




  1. Blog Regularly:

The more you can blog, the better, but it’s important that you give relevant information. Don’t just put up something for the sake of putting up anything. Be sure to create a blog post that has a purpose and a goal in mind.


  1. Bonus Tip: Read about Your Niche

The more you can read about your industry and niche, the more you’ll have to add to it. You can learn about your industry from magazines, books, blogs, and other types of publications.


Wisdom From the Founder of Chick-fil-A

Truett Cathy, the late founder of the popular restaurant chain, Chick-Fil-A, once told me:

“Half of all marketing dollars are wasted.

The problem is, we don’t know which half!”

The lesson here is simply this, you must keep up your marketing efforts and don’t stop. As Winston Churchill said to the 1950 graduating class of Oxford University:


“Never give up.

Never give up.

Never, never, ever, give up.”


Key Resource:

For more information on the new tools for online marketing:


New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Videos, Mobile Applications, and Blogs by David Scott. Click here for the book.



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