Increase Your Community Participation With Social Media Marketing


Building a Home Biz After Retirement to make a buck requires using several channels of marketing to attract clients. One way to understand your target audience is to find out who they are and where they spend time online. We will explore the world of social media to find out crucial information to help you build your business.

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One of the best ways to get to know your audience is to find out where they “hang out” online and spend time with them. Ask questions and see how they respond. Get involved and you will learn the “insider” secret to understanding your target audience. Monitoring conversations online can be a real boon to your business by increasing your bottom line exponentially.


Is Social Media a Fad?

Social media is not going away, and neither is the Internet. Therefore you may as well use it as much as you can to improve your business. You need to monitor the conversations going on to ensure that your customers are happy and that the entire community is well informed.

7 Keys to Discover Your Target Audience in Your Niche:


  1. Use Keywords:

To monitor social media accounts, come up with some keywords for your niche including:

  • Your business name
  • Your product name
  • Your own name
  • Your competitors” names

The last bullet point is especially useful to find out more information about them. Knowledge of your competition is power.


  1. Control the Message:

If you really want to take monitoring to a new level, seek to control the conversation. Simply lead conversations by redirecting them if they’re going off track and getting into issues you’d rather not discuss.


  1. Identify What to Monitor:

Before starting your monitoring activity, you need to know what you want to monitor. You may want to separately monitor your product, your reach, your competition and the like. Therefore, you might want to set up separate situations to ensure that you can keep track of each subject.


  1. Identify Where to Monitor:

You probably won’t have time to monitor all social media platforms at once. Pick the platform that has the most impact on your business right now. For example, if you’re using Twitter or Facebook, monitor them. Leave the others alone for now.


  1. Determine Impact:

Some product mentions or conversations may be inconsequential to your brand. If so, you don’t need to jump in with those types of conversations. Only jump in and guide the conversation when it really matters.


  1. Search Individual Sites:

On each site, use your keyword list to search to see what comes up. You can also set up a Google Alert to give you information from numerous sources any time your keywords come up. This is one service I use the most. Google Alerts is easy to set up and it becomes a “news clipping” service, ready to quickly keep you up to date in your niche.

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  1. Use Online Tools:

You can use tools that will help you with monitoring such as “TweetDeck” or “Sprout Social.” These tools can help you set up monitoring that’s easy for you to analyze. The instructions are on their website to help you set them up properly.


Bonus:  Gather relevant data and put them into a spreadsheet. This way you can get all the information together so that you can analyze it and use it more easily. This will help you determine which information is important too.


Gain Tactical Advantage with Social Media

Using social media to monitor the buzz going on about you and your business or niche is an important part of becoming the go-to person in your area of expertise. The more you know about the conversations, the more you’re going to appear knowledgeable about your field. You may be surprised that your own passion and knowledge will be in demand by your target audience.


This may not be news, but it too is reality. Use the tactics to your advantage and increase your presence on the ‘net.







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