Top Eight Mobile Apps Trends for 2016

Retired Baby Boomers believe they are too old to learn new technology. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You can teach yourself to use technology to run your home-based business. It is important to understand the trends in application developments and be thinking how you can use them when they become available. By being proactive, the learning curve will not seem so daunting.


As technology advances, mobile computing is becoming ubiquitous. Business owners have more freedom than ever before. Google has announced that mobile traffic in 2015 surpassed desktop traffic. In light of this fact, it’s important to know what type of apps will help the retiree’s home business in 2016.

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Here are the Top Eight Mobile App Trends for 2016:

  1. Faster Development: They say that the speed at which technology develops doubles every two to two-and-a-half years. Since that’s the case, expect very quick development for mobile apps in the future. The interconnectedness of apps will improve our lives more quickly than we can imagine.
  1. Wearable Technology: Outside of the Apple Watch, there will be all kinds of wearable technology in the future. You’ll be able to track your mood, keep track of your health, the health of your pets and more. These wearable apps will also start interacting with each other, making them even more useful.
  1. Mobile Banking: Now that we can use our banks online, there are going to be more and more apps that make online banking easier to accomplish. You’ll be able to watch your account, transfer money, pay bills and even more with apps.
  1. Internet of Things: This is how physical items can connect with apps and internet-type apps. For example, you can get a special button from Amazon to reorder various items that you use frequently, such as laundry detergent. Customers find this app very useful, so watch for more apps like these in the near future.

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  1. In-App Purchasing: This is going to become even more important as mobile devices become plentiful. Also, communities surrounding a particular product can simplify reordering or add-on ordering. This is very popular within the gaming community, but it will spread through all types of apps.
  1. Google Apps: Google’s “Apps for Work” is becoming popular. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s important that you do. Watch for future blog posts on this application as it pertains to you.
  1. Mobile Payment: The technology is here, but now it has to be accepted so that more individuals will use it in conjunction with their smartphones. You’ll be able to make a payment on your smartphone immediately, using various types of banking apps. You can also donate to your church or favorite charity using this app.


As the number of people who own mobile smartphones increases, social networking, in-app marketing, location-based services, mobile search, mobile commerce, object recognition and mobile payments will all become the norm.


Do you want to learn more about mobile apps? Jonathan McCallister’s book: Mobile Apps Made Simple is a good resource for app development and applications for your home-based business. Click here for the book.



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