“When you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door. Sorry to say, it will not happen unless you communicate the benefits to the world and help them find you as quickly as possible.”

–Thomas F. Carre 


Retired Home Biz Owners Must Let Their Target Audience Know They are Open for Business


So, you finally have a business website… but you don’t know what to do with it. First, let me congratulate you in your achievement. It is not easy and you had to climb a steep learning curve. Now it is time to understand the key steps to market your website and drive traffic to your business.

When you build a website, you have a very powerful marketing collateral that you can use to get more business than you ever thought possible. It doesn’t matter if you have a bricks-and-mortar business or a completely online business – these marketing methods work wonders to generate traffic.


Here are the top eight methods to market your business:

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  1. Blogging Content:

The more relevant content in the form of blogs you can put on your website, dripping out a little at a time, the more traffic you’ll get to your website.

  • Key: You don’t want the content to go up all at once. The goal is to Post a little bit of information at a time so that the search engines will grab it. Then you will get a steady trickle of traffic every day.
  • Blogging on a regular basis require developing many posts to draw Google’s attention. Hall Content Writing.com can help you develop posts with targeted content to attract your target audience. Click here for the link to my website.


  1. Social Media Networks:

When you write a blog post or add any content to your site, let people know on all your social media networks about the new content.

Key: Create unique postings for each social media channel. The goal is to slightly alter each post so that it doesn’t look the same on each platform. Each network has its own unique appearance and personality. Just match your “blurbs” with each network.



  1. Your Business Card:

Believe it or not, you can get a lot of business with the good old-fashioned business card.

Key: Put your URL (the website’s com address) on it, and hand it out to people you meet. You never know if someone you meet today will call you months or even a year down the line because they need what you’re offering.


  1. QR Codes:

These are those funny square things that you can use your smartphone to take a picture of and grab the information.

Key: A QR code can take your customer or contact to a newsletter sign-up page or just your webpage. It’s up to you.


  1. Pay Per Click:

All search engines, plus most social media networks, allow you to do some form of pay-per-click marketing. Right now, the easiest and best one to use is Facebook.

  • Key: You can design an advertisement and target it in the tiniest way possible to get the most convertible clicks.
  • Laser focused marketing
  • Pay only for clicks
  • Know exactly how many clicks were generated by your ads.
  • Easy to measure sales increases due to the clicks.

sales slumps

Case Study:  A “non-profit” speech and hearing center used this method. It cost $50.00 a month for cost effective hearing aids. They developed a good price for an aid that was not visible. The phone started ringing, when yellow pages, newspapers and direct mailers failed to generate the business.

One problem they encountered: the office staff didn’t know how to answer the caller’s questions. They were flustered and angry that they had such a huge volume of callers they could not answer their questions.

Lesson learned:  

We provided the Office Staff with a script and trained them with role playing exercises to answer questions and “ask for the order” by offering to set the caller up with an appointment. The receptionist would explain that she was not in a position to answer highly technical questions like hearing aid technology, but [the caller] could make an appointment with the Clinical Audiologist who has the expertise to help them.  It worked. Appointments increased dramatically. The office staff felt like they were part of the team serving the hearing impaired.


  1. TV Advertisements:

Yes, you can market your website using TV spots.

  • Key: Mass Marketing Channels are effective for promoting your website that offers a highly desirable product or service that appeals to mass quantities of people.
  • TV channels for both physical stations and Cable Channels can reach targeted audiences.
  • Radio is effective with better scripts to catch the buyer’s attention.
  • Local publications such as newspapers and magazines also can reach your mass audience.

These are the most costly avenues to consider but they can drive traffic to your website.


standing out

  1. SEO:

“Search Engine Optimization” should be your first go-to marketing method for your website.

  • Key: This strategy is an excellent choice for both on-line and off-line marketing. It is cost effective and ideal for new start up websites:
  • “Web Page SEO” involves ensuring that you have the right content on your site, using keywords selected to reach your target audience.
  • “Off-Page SEO” means that you find ways to produce keyword targeted materials that provide a link back to your website.

SEO keyword research and SEO content writing are two services I offer. Click Hall Content Writing.com for more information.


  1. Sponsorships:

Locally and internationally, there are always sponsorship opportunities available where you can help put on an event, support a charity, or combine resources with other businesses offering complementary items to your audience.


  • Key: Find sponsorships to support your brand. People associate the event with your business and will decide to buy from you over your competition.
  • For example, I had a client who faced negative press due to “pollution” from producing steel. They sponsored a charity for children to show they care about the community. It worked. The end result was more community support and business increased.
  • Sponsoring a Fishing Tournament raised community awareness for a new foundation created to help seniors avoid Social Security Scams. The event received positive press and goodwill from the community.


The end result is increased traffic to your website.

Marketing your business website is an important part of having a business. If you want people to find out about your business, the website is essential. Telling people about the website using one or more of the eight methods above will communicate to the world that you are open for business..


If you need help in developing:

  • Content for your website
  • Keyword research for SEO purposes
  • Developing persuasive content to drive traffic to your website

Click here for my Hall Content Writing.com website. Use the contact form to begin the process of developing relevant content for your website.






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