Your Best Year 2016: Productivity Workbook and Creative Business Plans




What does a successful business year look like to you? For creative business owner, Lisa Jacobs, it looked like turning a $100 investment into a top earning storefront on Etsy. You can have the same kind of year when you invest in her new workbook, Your Best Year 2016.



Failure to Learn History are Doomed to Repeat It


Those who don’t learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. Has this been true in your business ventures? Don’t let missteps and mistakes go unlearned.


Reap the benefits from what you discover from your mistakes. You can determine what works and what doesn’t work. Focusing on successful outcomes will lead to more success in the future. But how do you ensure you don’t forget your lesson?


One solution is to use this workbook in your business life. It helps creative entrepreneurs to get a handle on their business so that each successive year is better than the last. It begins with a review of the previous year, which for this workbook would be 2015. Discover what you didn’t do, what you did do, and what you should do to find success in your business planning.


Take that information and use it to prepare for 2016. Look at forming new habits that will work for you and discarding poor habits. You can develop monthly or quarterly reviews to help you stay on track. Use a list to set tasks and accomplish them. Check it off your list and then see what steps you did or forgot to do.


This book is packed with useful exercises and will be a valuable tool in your business toolbox. To buy Your Best Year 2016: Productivity Workbook and Creative Business Planner, click the direct link here.


















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