What Skills Do I Need to Be a Virtual Assistant?

In my research on finding home-business ideas to share with retired folks wanting to supplement their social security income, I discovered the job of Virtual Assistant. But what do they do exactly?


Necessary Skills to Succeed

There are basic skills that are more marketable for a virtual assistant than others. First, we need to determine the skills necessary for the job. Three steps to see if your skills will fit the demand are:

  1. Determine the client you wish to serve.
  2. Specify the problems your client wants to solve.
  3. List what the problem entails.
Working In My Home Office

Working In My Home Office


Now you know what your ideal client requires to solve a particular problem.

Next, do the following:

  1. Where can you learn about the business processes?
  2. Define the software you have skills to operate.
  3. Determine the daily needs your ideal client is likely to request.


Here is a List of VA Skills in Demand Today:

  1. Social Media Marketing: If you can do a little graphic design using software like Canva.com to make memes and updates for social media, and you know the ins and outs of at least one social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Interest, Periscope, then you can make a business out of that skill. I will cover where to find these resources in a later post.


  1. Search Engine Optimization: Some people think SEO is dead, but nothing could be further from the truth. SEO is about so much more than just keywords. Learn all you can about SEO and you’ll have a good skill to offer any client who wants traffic to their website that converts. This is a likely topic many Baby Boomers are not familiar and should start reading up on it. Here is a primer on SEO that I found useful.


  1. Shopping Cart Software: If your ideal client uses a shopping cart such as 1ShoppingCart.com or aMember.com (or something else entirely) and you are an expert at that particular cart, you’re going to be well sought after to operate that software. If you are not an expert, seek training or a coach to help you develop this skill. Check out my previous article: Can a Retired Baby Boomer Develop Virtual Assistant Skills?


  1. Email Marketing Software: Become an expert in at least one email marketing software and you’ll be turning away clients. The most popular ones are AWeber.com, GetResponse.com and MailChimp.com. This book on email marketing will help you gain an understanding of what email marketing entails and why website owners are seeking experts in this field.


  1. An Understanding of Content Marketing: Content marketing is part of SEO, but if you can specialize in helping clients with their content marketing activity. The skill ranges from writing, to finding writers, to setting up a content calendar based on the client’s needs, and reviewing the content before posting to the website. Basically, you need a skill to write targeted content. Here is a book to encourage you in writing and why you should not be afraid of handling these chores for your client. Click here for Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Writing Content.


  1. A Little HTML Is Nice: While a fluent knowledge of HTML is not needed as a VA, knowing just a little bit can help with issues with creating newsletters, updating WordPress websites and more. There are online courses to help you with this skill.


  1. High Communication Skills: You’ll need the ability to communicate appropriately using a lot of methods, from text messages, to email messages, to social media chat windows and more. This can be a little more challenging than a phone call, but it’s a good skill to have. Don’t laugh. I am watching grandmothers master these skills to communicate with their grandkids.


  1. Self-Hosted WordPress Skills: The most specific skill a VA needs in order to be in demand is the ability to do small things on WordPress such as create a new page, create blog posts, add images and so forth. WordPress is one of the most used website building platforms in use today. WordPress for Beginners is a fine introduction to how to use this program and should help you set up a website and begin learning how to use it.


There are several books on developing your Virtual Assistant Business. Here is one that will help you continue this exercise of assessing your skills. Click here for the Bootstrap VA: Your Getter’s Guide to Becoming a Virtual Assistant.

There is a Click Bank training system by Lisa Tailubert. Click here for more information.

Don’t Give Up!

Don’t let this list intimidate you. As a Baby Boomer, you likely were exposed to something on the list. I listed books that are reasonably priced to help you begin your research on that topic. Then you can decide what type of training you need to become proficient in that skill. You only need a few skills to have a thriving Home Biz for Retiree business.

Are you wondering if you can launch a home-based business? Click here is a related article.

Do you have questions? Ask me and I will research the topic further for you. Use the comment below please.









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