Retirement: Do You Want to “Rust Out or Wear Out?”


You finally made it to retirement! Congratulations! Now what?

Retirement is a time to reflect on what we want to do with the rest of our lives. Every day is Saturday and we have time to burn. In my personal situation, I was not ready to watch TV all day and play the occasional game of golf. I wanted to run a business from my home office. My challenge was to determine just what I wanted to do.


How Much Golf Can We Play Anyway?

How Much Golf Can We Play Anyway?


You have so many choices today that it may be hard to figure out which one is best for you. You can go traditional or you can go digital. It depends on whom you want to serve and your current skills. As you read through these descriptions, make a list of your skills, your resources, and your interests.

Here are ten suggestions of what you can do in a home-based business. Perhaps one of these will trigger an idea. Let’s take a look:

  1. Virtual Assistant: A VA has many forms today. But, essentially a VA performs administrative-type work from the comfort of their home office. They use technology to work virtually; all you need is a computer and a reliable Internet connection. The VA can work for one or several clients, since you can choose a wide variety of niches: such as the online business manager, social media manager, customer service, scheduling, and more.

The administrative assistance is an endangered species in Corporate America. But not on the web! The demand is growing as more websites are developed and owners need help to keep their businesses running smoothly with customer interaction. Here is a step by step guide to setting up a VA Business in 30 days. Click here to view the book.

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  1. Freelance Writer: Businesses need content to put on their websites, blogs, and creating information products such as special reports. They also need ghostwriters to write books to publish on Kindle and even in print. If you fancy yourself as a writer, freelancing for others is a great way to start earning money today. The demand is huge and the workers are few. If you can write a letter, you can write for the net. Watch this blog for future references on making a new career in this field. Here is the book by Susan Anderson that got me bidding and writing on the web.


  1. Grandparent Child Care Center: Grandparents may want to consider offering their services for childcare. Each state, city and even county has different rules set up for home children sitters. But, in general you will be able to watch up to six children in your home each day in exchange for money. The fees range from $150 weekly and up per child depending on their age and activities you provide for them. Differentiate yourself as a loving grandparent interacting with their grandchildren. This book is for young babysitters, but the principles are the same for grandparents. It should get you started with one or two children. I wouldn’t want to have more at my age! Click here for the Babysitters Business Guide.


  1. Graphic Designer: With the advent of cloud-based delivery methods for large files, being a graphic designer from the comfort of your home is in the realm of possibilities. If you have an eye for color and design, business owners need banners, advertisements, book covers and more. The Baby Boom market is still huge. Who better to communicate to them than retired Baby Boomers? Begin by reading this book.



  1. Pet Sitting: Love dogs, cats, and birds? If so, you are not alone. People love their pets like their own children, and want the best care for them. They need pet sitters when they are out of town. Like childcare, state and local regulations may apply in your area. If you are home most weeks, you can offer to take in a dog or two for $20 a day, more in some areas of the country. You will have companionship and develop new animal friends and get paid for it! Sweet. Here is a step by step guide to starting a pet sitting and dog walking business. Click to view the book.


  1. Handmade Items Sales: If you are crafty and are good at making something such as jewelry, paintings, wood items, clothing and more, you can start a business making those items for sale to others. List your items on, eBay, and Amazon Merch, as well as your own website. I bought a unique homemade plaque for my new home office. I love Eagles due to their Biblical symbolism in my life. My office is now the “Eagle’s Nest,” in honor of Psalm 103:5. Here is a beginners guide to hand made crafts to sell online. Free yourself from long days at craft fairs. Click here for the book. 

Another option is to apply to Amazon Merch to sell your products. It is by invitation only but the process is simple. Click here to read the application pay.




  1. Flea Market Sales: Today, you can start a flea market right online, making it an excellent choice for a home business. There are sales sites on Facebook, and you can also sell some items on Etsy. And there is always eBay and your own website. Your best bet is to pick a niche of the type of items you want to sell the most (such as wedding dresses, children’s clothing, or necklaces), and get started. You may be able to find toys and comics you read as a kid, which are collector’s items today. You can add commentary with your own experience with the product you are selling. Here is a good book on Thrift Stores: How to Find and Sell Products on eBay and other outlets. Click here to see the book.


  1. Life or Business Coach: If you have expertise in an area that you can teach other people, becoming a coach is a great choice. You can coach people using the telephone, Skype, Google, email, Facebook groups and more. You can coach people through life events, such as divorce, parenting, or weight loss, as well as business events like product launches and so forth. Who better to give advice than a retired Baby Boomer? Here is a step by step guide to building a Life Coaching business. Click here for the book.


  1. Personal Trainer: You can do this business in person by meeting people at their location to help train them, or at a particular gym. You can also do it online, much like personal coaching. Don’t laugh! I met a lady who was physically fit and taught basic exercises for older Americans to keep fit. I thought she was in her forties. I was shocked to see she was in her sixties and a grandmother! She “walked the talk” and kept up her exercises to show she was not about to waste away doing nothing. Here is a book on the secrets of building a personal trainer business. Click here to see the book.


  1. Consulting: If you have a lot of experience in a certain type of niche business, you can sell your expertise in the form of consulting. Essentially you can advise about a lot of different things, such as improving the business, focusing employees on the Mission Statement, helping managers hire the right employees and so forth. My first income stream was offering my services as a grant writer and non-profit fund raising consultant. I later branched out into freelance content writing. It was a good choice for me. Here is an updated version of how to build a successful consulting business. Click here to view the book.

These ideas might have triggered your creative juices to flow enough to come up with a unique home business idea all on your own. Having a home business is a dream of many, but very few make one succeed. Can you?


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